Weight Loss

Meditation May Help Weight Loss

Meditation won’t make you lose weight overnight. But, with a little practice, it can potentially have lasting effects on not only your weight, but also how you approach life in general. Sustainable weight loss Meditation is linked to a variety of benefits from lowering blood pressure, stress, pain, improving sleep, fighting addiction, and increasing immunity.… Continue reading Meditation May Help Weight Loss

Living With Chronic Pain

Move It, Or Lose It

For many, the idea of exercising is just too much to think about. “I already hurt, how can I possibly exercise?” For too many, it just sounds crazy. Inactivity is pains worst enemy. Not mobilizing or stretching prevents nutrients from getting to painful areas. Oxygen-rich blood that can decease inflammation, restore much needed balance and release those… Continue reading Move It, Or Lose It

Weight Loss

Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference When It Comes To Weight Loss

There is so much information available about weight loss. Even if you manage to sift through the sensational information, the fad diets, the get-fit-quick recommendations, there is still so. much. information. Here are 6 small changes that can help kick-start a weight loss journey.

Weight Loss

Healthy 4th of July Recipes

Celebrating our Independence and freedom is cause to break out the delicious food and drinks! It doesn't have to be a reason to side-step a healthy diet. Here are a few recipes that keep you on track and still allow you to enjoy all the festive food. BBQ Chicken with Peach and Feta Slaw Who… Continue reading Healthy 4th of July Recipes

Weekly Exercise

Exercise Of The Week: Bent-Over Rows Using Resistance Bands

In a previous exercise post, we completed the bent-over row with free weights and then using a stability ball. Today, we're completing the same motion, but with resistance bands. This exercise works your back and arms. Stand with both feet on a resistance band, about hip-width apart. Hold one end in each hand by your… Continue reading Exercise Of The Week: Bent-Over Rows Using Resistance Bands