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Nuts May Help Weight Loss

Americans love snacking. As a society, we eat twice as many snacks as we did a generation ago. Women, on average, nosh on upwards of 400 snack calories per day, according to federal survey data. Men consume almost 600 calories a day in between meals. This isn’t to say it’s a bad idea. In my… Continue reading Nuts May Help Weight Loss

The halo effect
Weight Loss

The Halo Effect

We all tend to hang out with like-minded people, those who make us feel comfortable and share our values. So if your values center around a sedentary lifestyle and lots of food, you’re likely to associate with people who share that lifestyle. Most of us already have a good understanding of how weight impacts important… Continue reading The Halo Effect

Weight Loss

Do Energy Drinks Help Weight Loss?

Do energy drinks really give you wings and help you slim down at the same time? Although energy drinks are often marketed for weight loss, science suggests otherwise. If you find yourself reaching for a Monster or Red Bull more often, but aren’t seeing any progress in your weight loss, it might be time to… Continue reading Do Energy Drinks Help Weight Loss?

Weight Loss

12 Weight Loss Programs- What Actually Works?

As we discussed last week, there are a slew of weight loss programs that promise quick results. The question is- are they long lasting? Weight loss programs can be a way to jump start a diet and learn healthy habits to encourage long term results. When deciding which may be best for you, there are… Continue reading 12 Weight Loss Programs- What Actually Works?

do diet plans work?
Weight Loss

Do Diet Plans Work?

Diets that promise quick weight-loss results are eye-catching, but often overlook the principles of long-term, sustainable, healthy eating. Understanding the different types of weight-loss programs and fad diets saturating the market is imperative to actually succeeding.  Too often, we become desperate to lose weight and turn to fad diets. Unfortunately, finding reliable information about their… Continue reading Do Diet Plans Work?