Courtney Medical Group

Courtney Medical Group has been honored and privileged to provide quality medical care to Tucson since 1988.

We are dedicated to understanding and assessing your needs and concerns. Our committed team of medical staff and providers strives to educate, prevent illnesses, and improve your health and quality of life. Your overall health is determined by more than routine exams; we seek a partnership in approaching health concerns and work to establish a lasting connection in a respectful and professional manner. Building a quality lifestyle with you is our priority, understanding that each person brings their own needs and concerns.

You have a choice in your healthcare, and we value you choosing Courtney Medical Group.

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Please Check This Section For Information and Updates on Known Issues:
-Courtney Medical Group will be closed Friday, September 3rd in observation of Labor Day. If you have an emergency, please call the office number (520)797-8555 and you will be directed to the provider on-call.

I have been seen by Dr. Courtney and Krauchanka, Tatsiana FNP. I had a great experience. The staff is very friendly and willing to help me with all of my needs. The providers are very thorough and all spectrums are discussed at the time of visit. Definitely recommend them!

Definitely Recommend!

Dr. Courtney saved me from stomach surgery by recommending (insisting) on a series of tests that discovered a virulent stomach bug that could be treated with an triple antibiotics treatment plan. I really believe she saved my life. Now when she is insistent I just say “yes mam!” I know she knows what she’s doing and has my bests interests at heart.

Has my best interests at heart!