Weight Loss

20 Diet-Free Ways to Lose Weight

Even though most of us celebrated a quiet few weeks over the holidays this year, the types of food shared probably remained the same-  lots of treats and high calorie dishes. Add to that the incredible stress and anxiety this particular season held. The result is that higher seasonal weight gains have been reported than… Continue reading 20 Diet-Free Ways to Lose Weight

Weight Loss

How To Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat may be a better indicator of overall health and potential death from all causes. You’re in danger if there’s more than 35 inches for women around the abdomen or 40 inches for men. So the big question is, how to get rid of it? Unfortunately just adding crunches won’t work. Don’t get me… Continue reading How To Lose Belly Fat

anti inflammatory drinks that can help reduce pain
Living With Chronic Pain

6 Homemade Beverages That Can Help Reduce Inflammation And Pain

It can feel overwhelming to incorporate the many foods that are recommended to decrease inflammation and pain. Eating a plant-based diet is a great start, as the majority of the foods that are anti-inflammatory are vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. Getting creative with recipes and how to seamlessly make them a regular addition to your… Continue reading 6 Homemade Beverages That Can Help Reduce Inflammation And Pain

Weight Loss

Intermittent Fasting Update

Slim down. Cure your cancer. Prevent heart attacks. Live longer. Improve joint health. Glucose control. Reports that intermittent fasting could help with the biggest health concerns facing people have inspired millions to take it up. Initially the data seemed to agree- it works. I know many patients and friends who advocate the benefits and tout the… Continue reading Intermittent Fasting Update

Weight Loss

8 Nutritious, Low Calorie Drinks That Also Provide Loads Of Flavor

Sometimes satisfying your thirst results in purchasing beverages loaded with calories, sugar, fat, and other unnecessary ingredients. It only takes a few minutes and you can easily quench your thirst, satisfy the yearning for a warm drink, or refresh yourself with a home made drink. Bonus: you'll benefit from the nutrition and natural remedy of the ingredients.