Living With Chronic Pain

EMG & NCV Studies

An EMG (electromyogram) is a diagnostic study that helps to assess muscle function. A NCV (nerve conduction velocity) test usually accompanies the EMG in order to assess how well the nerves that control their activity are functioning. An EMG/NCV can be valuable tools in delineating a variety of muscle and/or nerve disorders as well as… Continue reading EMG & NCV Studies

Living With Chronic Pain

Morton’s Neuroma

Despite being a relatively unknown condition, one out of three people will suffer from Morton’s Neuroma. A neuroma is a benign growth or tumor that arises from a nerve. There are different types, depending on where they are found e.g., acoustical neuromas are on the vestibular nerve affecting hearing and balance. But “neuroma” is slightly… Continue reading Morton’s Neuroma

Image of a person lying face down and receiving a shoulder massage from another person.
Living With Chronic Pain

Myofascial Pain; Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

When a strain or strain doesn’t respond to normal treatments, or a knot appears in a muscle group, it may have progressed to a myofascial pain. This is when not only the muscles are involved but the fascia that envelopes it as well. Myofascial pain syndrome often occurs after trauma, injury, chronic inflammation, arthritis or one of the many… Continue reading Myofascial Pain; Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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Living With Chronic Pain

Myofascial Pain

We all get an occasional muscle pain that resolves with rest and time. But when the muscle pain becomes persistent and interferes with activity it may have progressed to myofascial pain. Myo stands for muscle, fascia is anything the affects the thin white connective tissue wrapped around every muscle, organ and blood vessel. Think if it as an… Continue reading Myofascial Pain