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Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference When It Comes To Weight Loss

There is so much information available about weight loss. Even if you manage to sift through the sensational information, the fad diets, the get-fit-quick recommendations, there is still so. much. information. Understanding all the mechanisms that can contribute to weight loss (or gain) is practically a part time job. To help you simplify the data, here are 6 simple adjustments that you can make to kick start a weight loss journey, or just refresh on how small changes can make a big difference:

Eat Quality Foods

One seemingly big hurdle to cross when trying to make the adjustment to a healthy diet is factoring in the cost of quality, fresh food. Produce, especially if it is organic, can sometimes be expensive- but there are ways to work around that. Here are a few ways to help keep your food budget in check, without short changing your weight loss and health goals.


This may seem simple, but most Americans don’t get enough sleep. While many of us try to catch up on sleep on the weekend, that doesn’t compensate your body for the sleep deficit that occurs through the weekdays. Read why lack of sleep can be one of the largest factors in why the weight won’t come off.

But. . .Don’t Sleep Too Much!

Getting adequate sleep is one of the most vital pieces of the weight loss puzzle. Without adequate rest, the body experiences “metabolic grogginess,” causing the hormones that control fat cells to behave erratically. Here’s why sleeping for long stretches can be just as damaging to your waistline as not sleeping enough.

Snack Smart

Eating regularly, as I outlined in the G.R.A.D.E diet, is one way to help combat periods of intense hunger- when it is easy to overeat. Snacking keeps your blood sugar stable and prevents you from craving foods that will set back your progress. Here are some suggestions to keep things interesting and provide you an assortment of nutrients to keep you going throughout the day.

Be Aware Of Stress Eating

It is easy to fall into a pattern of stress eating- and we may not even realize it. High emotions, stress at work, the availability of tempting food at a bad time, are just some of the ways that extra calories sneak in. By watching behavior patterns, you can determine whether stress eating is setting back your weight loss journey.

Avoid Sitting Too Much

Sitting too much can cause big setbacks on your weight loss journey. It’s not always just the time spent in front of the TV either. If you add up all the time sitting in the car, behind your desk, paying bills, during meals, as you browse online, and time on the couch watching TV, it really adds up (try setting a timer some day and keep track- you’ll be astonished!). Here are just a few of the reasons that sitting for prolonged periods of time can be detrimental to your health.

It may still seem like there is so much information on how to successfully lose weight. Making the adjustments in small increments can help. Focus on changing the types of foods you eat one week. The next, implement changes to your sleep routine. Then, carve out more time to cut back on sitting and be more active. It doesn’t seem so daunting if you make small lifestyle changes rather than try to make one huge overhaul. It takes a relatively short time to build new habits, why not start down that path today?

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