Living With Chronic Pain

Holding Hands Lessens Pain

Watching couples strolling the mall or sitting side-by-side holding hands is such a sweet sight. That gesture, that touch says it all- "I care". But new research shows it can go far beyond just a touch. Social behavior is a deeply ingrained, human behavior. Communal activities such as dancing and singing enhance our ability to… Continue reading Holding Hands Lessens Pain

image of the back of a person with their hair in a high bun. The person is holding their right shoulder, while red color is focused on the area- indicating pain.
Living With Chronic Pain

Decrease Inflammation, Decrease Pain

Anything that increases inflammation can increase pain. For those of us suffering daily, eliminating those inciting factors can make the difference between having a tolerable day versus an excruciating one. One protein marker in particular, CRP, has been linked with chronic inflammation. Recent studies have shown monitoring blood levels can be an important factor in estimating… Continue reading Decrease Inflammation, Decrease Pain

Woman in a brown sweater against the backdrop of the forest in the fall. Her eyes are closed.
Living With Chronic Pain

11 Ways to Deal with Chronic Pain

Pain is all encompassing. It impacts every aspects of our lives and those around us. from loved ones to co-workers. We all struggle to find balance in our lives. Between home and work, healthy eating, weight. . . It’s never easy. The same is true for those of us living with chronic pain. Just moving… Continue reading 11 Ways to Deal with Chronic Pain

Living With Chronic Pain

Body Scrubs Help Relaxation, Decrease Pain

Body scrubs can be a wonderful way to exfoliate the dead skin away, invigorate the skin, add a delightful scent to the room and pamper yourself. They not only exfoliate but lift away dirt, grime and excess oil while stimulating the skin and underlying muscles to promote circulation.  Sugar has naturally occurring glycolic acids which help… Continue reading Body Scrubs Help Relaxation, Decrease Pain

Living With Chronic Pain

Types of Pain

As patients, we often have difficulty explaining where, when and how we hurt. All imperative in helping providers to define the potential cause and treatment options.  Pain is felt when the nerves, spinal cord and brain send signals alerting the body to an issue. But we all feel it differently. That’s why getting a thorough… Continue reading Types of Pain