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20 Diet-Free Ways to Lose Weight

Even though most of us celebrated a quiet few weeks over the holidays this year, the types of food shared probably remained the same-  lots of treats and high calorie dishes. Add to that the incredible stress and anxiety this particular season held. The result is that higher seasonal weight gains have been reported than… Continue reading 20 Diet-Free Ways to Lose Weight

Weight Loss

How To Get The Most From Interval Training

Interval training is easy to fit into any schedule. Today we'll share some exercises that can be done anywhere, with little to no equipment. Here are some easy ways to create your own interval training experience at home, inside or out in the backyard.  A fitness trail is a great way to get interval training… Continue reading How To Get The Most From Interval Training

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Weight Loss

Interval Training

We all know adding exercise to your weight loss program is essential. Too often I hear one reason or another why it can’t be done-I don’t have the equipment. I don’t have the time. I don’t know how. Every Tuesday we share an exercise- all examples of how to easily resolve these obstacles. The exercises… Continue reading Interval Training

Weight Loss

Light Impacts Body Weight

It seems we are always tied to some type of device- a phone, computer, tablet, TV, or e-reader. They are a constant part of our lives. There’s no question they have changed how we work, interact, and communicate. New evidence shows they also impact our weight.  Before the advent of electricity we all awoke to… Continue reading Light Impacts Body Weight

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Weight Loss

Processed Foods Are Addictive

Processed foods are addictive. That really doesn’t come as a surprise to most of us. It’s the food we usually crave and turn to when we we’ve had a bad day, need immediate satisfaction or don’t want to take the time to prepare a healthy alternative. We usually equate this with a lack of willpower… Continue reading Processed Foods Are Addictive