A small snowman holding a cookie in pictured with an acorn behind it and cinnamon sticks in the foreground.
Weight Loss

Why Do People Eat More In The Winter?

It’s hard to believe that we have begun another holiday season. With all the excitement, cold weather and festivities, studies show people tend to gain five to seven pounds over these months.  It’s common to feel hungrier at this time of year because colder weather leads to a drop in our body temperature, which then… Continue reading Why Do People Eat More In The Winter?

Weekly Exercise

Exercise of the Week: Gliding Plank

This week is the first of a series of exercises you can do at home using towels (or while wearing socks). Using these simple household items allows you to add a more difficult component to your workouts, helping build stability and strength. Start by putting socks on, or getting two washcloths, one to go under… Continue reading Exercise of the Week: Gliding Plank

A cartoon winter scene with three white trees, and two small red houses. Snow is on the ground and falling from the sky.
Tip/Thought of the Day

Is Your Heater Making You Sick?

Sneezing. Cough. Sore Throat. Headache. No, we're not talking about the symptoms often tied to cold, flu, or COVID. You may experience these symptoms when you turn on your heater during the colder months. "Some people, such as those with allergies to molds or with asthma, may have more intense reactions," explains the Centers for Disease Control… Continue reading Is Your Heater Making You Sick?

Tip/Thought of the Day

Thanksgiving Food Safety

For most people, the holiday season is the rare time that they make turkey, ham, stuffing, and other foods. Cooking on those days often also means using gadgets and methods that are outside the norm. Before the big cooking day familiarize yourself with whatever approach you choose- it might save you time in the long… Continue reading Thanksgiving Food Safety

Weekly Exercise

Six Exercises To Keep You Active This Holiday Week

When the days become extra busy, as is almost unavoidable during the holidays, it seems like fitness and self-care are the first things to go out the window. Mix these exercises into your day to keep you moving. Altogether it may only take 15-20 minutes, but keeping a fitness routine, no matter how short, will… Continue reading Six Exercises To Keep You Active This Holiday Week