Tip/Thought of the Day

Happiness Is A Choice

It has taken me years to fully appreciate, happiness is a choice. How many times have we convinced ourselves that if we were slimmer, prettier, healthier, younger, wiser, taller, wealthier, more successful, loved ... we’d be happier? We have every excuse in the book why we’re unhappy. It’s not our fault, it’s due to circumstances… Continue reading Happiness Is A Choice

Weight Loss

8 Nutritious, Delicious, Guilt-Free Thanksgiving Foods

The holiday season may have you feeling like maintaining a healthy diet is hopeless. Gatherings with friends and family, treats at work, not to mention the decadent meals on the holidays themselves can all be tough to navigate. Here are 8 delicious options for Thanksgiving that are filled with nutrient-packed ingredients and loads of flavor… Continue reading 8 Nutritious, Delicious, Guilt-Free Thanksgiving Foods

Tip/Thought of the Day

Thanksgiving Food Safety Tips

For most people, the holiday season is the rare time that they make turkey, ham, stuffing, and other foods. Cooking on those days often also means using gadgets and methods that are outside the norm. Here are a few reminders and tips to keep mealtime moving smoothly and avoid any food related mishaps: Roasting Turkey… Continue reading Thanksgiving Food Safety Tips

Living With Chronic Pain

Reduce Inflammation Naturally By Eating Berries

We've talked about how inflammation contributes to pain. Normally it’s a natural and much-needed response that allows our body to heal itself. When inflammation occurs, specific pro-inflammatory hormones signal white blood cells to clear away any infection or damaged tissue. But when inflammation becomes uncontrolled, it causes damage. This is what happens when someone has… Continue reading Reduce Inflammation Naturally By Eating Berries