Tip/Thought of the Day

Fun, Exploratory Activities For Kids (At Home)

If you have school-aged children, having them at home for extended periods of time, away from the structure that school provides, can be. . .challenging. Kids are eager to learn, move, and explore, qualities we should all hope to maintain throughout life. Providing structure can make the experience of being at home for long periods… Continue reading Fun, Exploratory Activities For Kids (At Home)

Living With Chronic Pain

While Staying At Home

We are in the midst of incredibly crazy and shifting times. With it comes increased stress, anxiety, comfort eating and inactivity; all enemies to chronic pain. For many, having to stay at home, while financially costly, may actually sound like a benefit- it’ll gives us an opportunity to rest. But there needs to be a… Continue reading While Staying At Home

Weight Loss

Intuitive Eating

In this day and age, it seems like there’s a new and trendy diet every day. Unfortunately they just don’t work. Last week we discussed the principles of mindful eating, this week I’d like to follow up with intuitive eating.  Mindful eating is defined as “using all your senses in choosing to eat food that… Continue reading Intuitive Eating

Weekly Exercise

Exercise Of The Week: Planks On An Exercise Ball

Continuing with our series of exercises using an exercise ball (also called a stability ball), this week we're adding planks to the mix. Start by kneeling on the floor, and lean forward to where your stomach and hips are leaning on the ball.Walk your hands forward, so the ball ends up at your ankles. You'll… Continue reading Exercise Of The Week: Planks On An Exercise Ball