Tip/Thought of the Day

Letting Go

Letting go. Never a simple process when it comes to our babies. Figuring out what is in their best interest or how far to go can give any age gray hairs. It's an easy answer when our children are little. Holding their hand while they struggle to stand, and then ultimately walk. Feeling it slip… Continue reading Letting Go

Weight Loss

10 Ways Social Media Can Help Weight Loss

The Internet completely changed life as we know it. Many of us remember a time when talking with someone who wasn't in the same room was only possible when we picked up the phone. The idea we can do so now, anytime and anywhere, is mind boggling. Last week we discussed concerns social media and… Continue reading 10 Ways Social Media Can Help Weight Loss

Weekly Exercise

Exercise Of The Week: Chest Press With An Exercise Ball

The variety of exercises that can be modified using an exercise ball are endless. We'd previously gone through a series of planks using the exercise ball, now we'll move to exercises that are geared towards the chest and back. This week's exercise is a chest-press using free weights. Lie on your back with your upper… Continue reading Exercise Of The Week: Chest Press With An Exercise Ball

Tip/Thought of the Day

Hearing Loss And How To Prevent It

Hearing loss can be insidious, slowly occurring over time without us even knowing. You use an alarm to wake up each morning, blast tunes on your commute to the office, and field calls between queries from your coworkers. But when was the last time you gave any thought to your ears, or more specifically, your… Continue reading Hearing Loss And How To Prevent It

Chronic Pain

Social Media And Pain

Living with chronic pain can be debilitating. Often times we swing from isolating ourselves or trying to pretend it doesn't exist. But neither works. We have chronic pain. We live with it every day and being able to share how we feel with those we care about and express our needs is imperative. But that's… Continue reading Social Media And Pain