Living With Chronic Pain

Yoga For Pain

Not long ago, the number one treatment for chronic pain was rest, rest and more rest. Now we know how much improving mobility, strength and range of motion actually decreases pain. "Use it or lose it" couldn’t mean more for those of us suffering every day. Yoga, an ancient form of exercise, can be a… Continue reading Yoga For Pain

Weight Loss

Yoga And Weight Loss

We all know how important exercise is to our health, especially when it comes to weight loss endeavors. Yoga may not conjure up the same images of a calorie-burning, sweat-inducing workout as bootcamp workouts or cardio dance-party routines. But don’t be fooled by yoga’s deep breathing and sometimes-slow poses. It can seriously trim and tone your body as… Continue reading Yoga And Weight Loss

Weekly Exercise

Exercise Of The Week: Cross-Over Shoulder Extension

Utilizing a door anchor allows for a whole array of exercises to be completed that would otherwise require more complex machines or equipment. They can be packed up and taken to the office, tucked away at home without requiring a large storage space, and when necessary, can also be taken along when traveling. Today's exercise… Continue reading Exercise Of The Week: Cross-Over Shoulder Extension