Living With Chronic Pain

Reduce Inflammation Naturally By Eating Berries

We've talked about how inflammation contributes to pain. Normally it’s a natural and much-needed response that allows our body to heal itself. When inflammation occurs, specific pro-inflammatory hormones signal white blood cells to clear away any infection or damaged tissue. But when inflammation becomes uncontrolled, it causes damage. This is what happens when someone has… Continue reading Reduce Inflammation Naturally By Eating Berries

Tip/Thought of the Day

My Summer Vacations

When I was in high school, I started attending summer school every summer. Even going so far as to begin before I even started my 9th grade year. I ended up having enough credits that I actually graduated at 16, after only three years. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my summer breaks. Back then,… Continue reading My Summer Vacations

Weight Loss

Berries Can Boost Weight Loss

There’s confusing and misleading weight loss advice everywhere, leaving people at a loss to know what works and what doesn’t. A balanced, plant-based diet, regular exercise, and other factors like sleep, stress, and even relationships can impact weight loss. There are also specific foods that increase the value of all your hard work and patience… Continue reading Berries Can Boost Weight Loss

twist using a wobble cushion
Weekly Exercise

Exercise Of The Week: Kneeling Twist Using A Wobble Cushion

As you've likely noticed in the last several exercise posts, using a wobble cushion makes any exercise more difficult. It works your core and helps improve balance. This week's exercise is a simple twist which helps strengthen your core. Twists also work your pelvis, glutes, and hips in an effort to keep balanced while on… Continue reading Exercise Of The Week: Kneeling Twist Using A Wobble Cushion

A Message from Courtney Medical Group

Honoring Our Veterans

All of us at Courtney Medical Group would like to take the time to honor our nation's Veterans. Through carrying out their duties protecting our country, irreplaceable time spent away from friends and family, or the ultimate sacrifice, our Veterans continuously display courage and commitment to our nation and all it stands for. Thank you-… Continue reading Honoring Our Veterans