Tip/Thought of the Day

Something To Hang On To

When my daughter was younger, she struggled with the sudden changes a divorce brings. Unsure of the actual meaning, she clearly understood it was shattering her normal routine and structure. As a result it sowed seeds of fear and uncertainty I worry still impacts her today. Silly? To wonder if an event before she turned… Continue reading Something To Hang On To

Weight Loss

Is Brown Fat The Answer?

For most people, “fat,” particularly the kind that bulges under the skin, is a four-letter word. It makes our thighs jiggle and lingers despite torturous attempts to eliminate it. Too much increases the risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes. For decades researchers have looked for ways to stop its storage. But now we… Continue reading Is Brown Fat The Answer?

Weekly Exercise

Exercise Of The Week: Seated Tricep Stretch

This week's exercise is one to keep in mind when you need a quick break at work or home, during your commute, or even on an airplane. The tricep stretch will relieve tension in your arms and shoulders and get the blood flowing. Raise your arm and bend it so that your hand reaches toward… Continue reading Exercise Of The Week: Seated Tricep Stretch

Tip/Thought of the Day

How Does The Brain Tune Into Music?

We all know how a particular song can bring back a special memory, make us feel happy, calm or pump us up. People are born with the ability to tell the difference between music and noise. Our brains actually have different pathways for processing different parts of music including pitch, melody, rhythm, and tempo. Fast… Continue reading How Does The Brain Tune Into Music?

ways to cope with chronic pain beyond pills
Living With Chronic Pain

Beyond Pills

Chronic pain is debilitating. Like that slow, constant, never ending drip from the faucet, it can seep into every aspect of our lives. Too often we look to the medicine cabinet or prescription pad for answers. Those may help, but their impact is temporary and the side effects can be catastrophic. That’s why it’s so… Continue reading Beyond Pills