Weight Loss

8 Healthy Easter Desserts

Finishing up our series on healthy Easter and Passover foods, today we are sharing healthy options for Easter desserts. From no-bake fruit tarts that the kids can make themselves, to decadent (but healthy) lemon cake, there’s bound to be a dessert option that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Sugar Free Carrot Cake You might be… Continue reading 8 Healthy Easter Desserts

Tip/Thought of the Day

6 Cleaning Tips to Refresh Your Home This Spring

With how quickly the days fly by for most of us, maintaining a perfectly tidy home isn't always a possibility. But clean, that's a valiant goal to pursue, right? Have you ever finished cleaning up your place, only to later think of all the overlooked spots that require attention? Or how certain places have never… Continue reading 6 Cleaning Tips to Refresh Your Home This Spring

Living With Chronic Pain

Easing The Pain From Sitting All Day

Sitting for extensive periods of time increases stress in the back, shoulders, arms, knees, hips and legs, and particularly on the spinal discs and back muscles. Humans are not meant to sit for extended hours. We are hunter-gatherers, meant to be active throughout the day, not sedentary. This could be the reason 80% of us… Continue reading Easing The Pain From Sitting All Day