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Meditation and Hypnosis; How Focusing Inward Can Improve Wellness

Stress can have many impacts on the human body including causing fatigue, depression, anxiety, poor sleep, weight fluctuations, and increased pain. Particularly now, when the world and everything around us has changed so dramatically, learning ways to de-stress is more important than ever. Meditation and hypnosis have both been shown to have a positive impact… Continue reading Meditation and Hypnosis; How Focusing Inward Can Improve Wellness

headache treatments
Living With Chronic Pain

Headache Treatments

Almost everyone has had a headache. Not only is it the most common form of pain, it’s a major reason people miss days at work or school or visit the doctor. Last week I explained the different types of headaches. Now let’s discuss how they are diagnosed, treated and when to seek medical help. Diagnosing… Continue reading Headache Treatments

Tip/Thought of the Day

Unmask The Real You

Many fear this is our future: Never greeting each other with a warm handshake.Giving a hug to someone in need.Holding the hand of those dying, sick, depressed, or heart broken. For me it’s changed how I see patients: Not allowing groups of family and friends to come into the exam room.Seeing just patients, not their… Continue reading Unmask The Real You

9 foods that help weight loss
Weight Loss

9 Foods That Help Weight Loss

It’s easy to wonder which foods are healthy. We have gone into depth explaining those that help shed pounds without leaving you hungry and bored. The secret? Filling your plate with diverse fruits, vegetables, proteins and whole foods. And don’t worry about counting calories. By eating every two to three hours, drinking lots of water… Continue reading 9 Foods That Help Weight Loss

Weekly Exercise

Exercise Of The Week: Down Dog Split Using A Chair

The down dog stretch targets your arms, back, and legs, core, and shoulders. This variation, using a chair, is another easy one to do anyplace, anytime. Stretching can help ease the tension and anxiety that many are feeling these days. This movement will help relax your body and help you feel more centered to take… Continue reading Exercise Of The Week: Down Dog Split Using A Chair