Living With Chronic Pain

The Financial Impact Of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is expensive. From personal experience, I know this is true. The costs of evaluations, scans, provider visits, injections, medications. . . it just never seems to end. Especially in this day of exorbitant deductibles and co- pays. As a physician and chronic pain sufferer, I'm struck by the lack of attention and coverage… Continue reading The Financial Impact Of Chronic Pain

Living With Chronic Pain

Exercising Helps Lessen Pain

I've been saying this for decades- exercise is the number one way I treat my chronic pain. No matter how long, exhausting, or painful the day, exercise always helps! I can procrastinate and justify like everyone else why today I should let it go, but after I'm always better for it. Now there's solid research… Continue reading Exercising Helps Lessen Pain

Living With Chronic Pain

13 Ways To Improve Pain Tolerance

Pain tolerance and threshold varies from person to person. They both depend on complex interactions between your nerves and brain. Pain comes in many forms, whether it’s from a burn, joint ache, or throbbing headache. Pain tolerance refers to the maximum amount of pain you can handle. This is different from your pain threshold. That… Continue reading 13 Ways To Improve Pain Tolerance

pain threshold and tolerance
Living With Chronic Pain

What Is Pain Tolerance?

Why is back pain or a knee injury annoying to one person and sheer agony to another? Turns out, an individual's tolerance to pain is as unique as the person. It is shaped by some surprising biological factors, as well as some psychological factors that we can actually try to control. Feeling pain is an important experience.… Continue reading What Is Pain Tolerance?

how to grow spices that reduce inflammation
Living With Chronic Pain

How To Grow Herbs And Spices That Help Reduce Inflammation

Previously, we reviewed 11 spices that decrease inflammation and help chronic pain. We also shared how growing your own produce is one way to incorporate healthy food into your diet while not breaking the bank. The same approach works for growing your own spices and herbs; some take longer to mature, but if planned well,… Continue reading How To Grow Herbs And Spices That Help Reduce Inflammation