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Stay Fit While At Home With These 10 Exercises

Yesterday, we shared 10 ideas that can help pass the time for these days at home that can start to blend into each other. Fitness is a vital element of any routine, and when an exercise regimen has been altered by losing access to a gym and the routine of meeting with fitness buddies, it can be a slippery slope into exercise completely dropping off. But, that doesn’t have to be the case. Most important in maintaining active is viewing this “new normal” as an opportunity to get creative with how to exercise.

Can’t use gym equipment and feeling limited with what’s at home? Take a look around the house and see what can be substituted for equipment. Use milk gallons, canned food (but make sure you can hold it securely!), books, or even water bottles filled with dirt or sand. Walk. Run. Do exercises that don’t require any equipment (push ups, squats, lunges, standing ab routines, dips, jumping jacks, etc).

Every Tuesday, we share a new exercise that requires little, and often no, equipment. Here are ten of our previous fitness posts to help inspire your daily activity.

Taking even twenty minutes out of every day for physical activity can help relieve anxiety and stress, release endorphins that help improve our mood, and also keep us on track with fitness goals. These days will pass, but don’t allow your health and fitness to slide because of the change in routine- utilize it as a fitness challenge! Please speak to your provider before starting any new exercise regimen.

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