image of the back of a person with their hair in a high bun. The person is holding their right shoulder, while red color is focused on the area- indicating pain.
Living With Chronic Pain

Decrease Inflammation, Decrease Pain

Anything that increases inflammation can increase pain. For those of us suffering daily, eliminating those inciting factors can make the difference between having a tolerable day versus an excruciating one. One protein marker in particular, CRP, has been linked with chronic inflammation. Recent studies have shown monitoring blood levels can be an important factor in estimating… Continue reading Decrease Inflammation, Decrease Pain

Living With Chronic Pain

Why Some Foods Impact Pain Levels

It’s been said, you are what you eat. That’s definitely true when it comes to chronic pain. Diet can have a real impact- good and bad. Chronic pain is frequently the result of chronic inflammation, and evidence strongly suggests that diet can contribute to increased systemic inflammation. What is inflammation? Inflammation plays a good guy/bad… Continue reading Why Some Foods Impact Pain Levels

Living With Chronic Pain

Does A Keto Diet Help Reduce Pain?

We are realizing more and more - we are what we eat. That seems to be true for our health as well. There are several studies that strongly suggest that how and what we eat can also effect our pain. Following certain diets may provide new ways to impact pain levels.

Living With Chronic Pain

Sugar Causes Inflammation and Pain

Sugar hurts. We all know the connection between sugar and diabetes has been well established but high sugar diets aren’t just hazardous for diabetics. It turns out, the sweet stuff appears to be a bigger health risk than ever imagined. While weight gain and tooth decay may be the most obvious consequences of excessive sugar… Continue reading Sugar Causes Inflammation and Pain

how to grow spices that reduce inflammation
Living With Chronic Pain

How To Grow Herbs And Spices That Help Reduce Inflammation

Previously, we reviewed 11 spices that decrease inflammation and help chronic pain. We also shared how growing your own produce is one way to incorporate healthy food into your diet while not breaking the bank. The same approach works for growing your own spices and herbs; some take longer to mature, but if planned well,… Continue reading How To Grow Herbs And Spices That Help Reduce Inflammation