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Add These 8 Simple Exercises Into Your Daily Routine

It’s often suggested that people regularly add in new exercises to their fitness routine to see results. But, research shows that variety doesn’t necessarily need to be adding in an entirely new movement- increasing the difficulty of the movement with more weight, a slight variation of the same general movement, or adding in more reps, all keep your body working towards building strength and flexibility. We share an exercise each week, making it easy to piece together a routine that works for you. Don’t have too much time in the morning? Do a couple of the easy stretches while you get ready for your day. Feeling like you need to move a little in the middle of the day? Try some of our seated exercises to get the blood flowing. Don’t immediately melt into the couch after you get home for the day- you can use that time to get in a quick fifteen-minute exercise routine.

Here is a series of 8 stretches and exercises that can get you started. Check out our entire fitness archive, here.

Please speak to your provider before starting any new exercise regimen.

3 thoughts on “Add These 8 Simple Exercises Into Your Daily Routine”

  1. Thanks Dr. Courtney. What you say is so true. Consistency is the key. One thing though in your arm circles you are using dumbbells and not barbells. Lol

      1. You are an inspiration to all your patients doctor. I’m an ex coach and teacher and I would never ask someone to do that I couldn’t do.

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