Core and shoulder extension using weights
Weekly Exercise

Exercise Of The Week: Shoulder And Ab Combo

This week’s combination workout incorporates movements that will workout your core and shoulders. To avoid injury, be mindful to lift the weight rather than swing it. If you aren’t able to maintain form through all the repetitions, omit the weight until you build strength and familiarity with the sequence.

-Lay on your back, with one legs bent (foot planted on the floor), and the other fully extended.

-Hold a light weight with both hands and stretch your arms above your head.

-Start the movement by bending the extended leg towards your head (keep your hips planted on the ground), at the same time, lift the weight towards that same knee with both hands.

-Make sure you do not swing the weight as you bring it towards your knee, as that can cause shoulder and neck strain.

-Return the leg back to the original position as you lift the weight back above your head.

-Repeat the motion 15-20 times for one set. Complete three sets. If you need to build strength first, omit the weight and just focus on the movement and increase reps until you are able to incorporate the weight.

Please speak to your provider before starting any new exercise regimen.

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