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Exercise Of The Week: One-Sided Balance Wall Sit

This week’s exercise is a simple variation of a wall sit. Wall sits help strengthen your glutes, quads (front of the thigh), and calves. Like this other variation, if you activate your core, it’ll help strengthen that as well.

This version also requires additional balance, as you’ll have moments in each rep where you’re only supported by one leg. Don’t worry if you can’t complete a full set, complete as many reps as you can, then slowly add more as you build strength.

  • Start by putting your back to a wall, with your feet about shoulder width apart.
  • Slowly slide your bottom down the wall as you walk your feet outward, maintaining your back flush to the wall.
  • Stop moving your feet once your thighs are parallel to the floor (or as close as you can comfortably get).
  • Your knees should be above your ankles, not jutting out ahead of them.
  • Contract your core, and hold it through the whole set. This doesn’t mean hold your breath, but rather, activate your core while keeping your back pressed to the wall.
  • “Punch” to the side with one hand (don’t punch hard, you want to focus on balance, not a forceful movement). At the same time, move the leg on the same side in the same direction as your arm, (see the video below for clarity).
  • Return your arm and leg to the starting position.
  • To add difficulty, you can hold a light weight while doing the “punching” motion, but be cautious to not be forceful in the movement, aim to move in a smooth, steady motion. Start with a very light weight to ensure you aren’t straining, too.
  • Repeat 12-15 times for one set, complete 2-3 sets on each side.

Reference the image below to better understand the anatomy of a good wall sit.

Please speak to your provider before starting any new exercise regimen.

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