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Exercise Of The Week: One-Arm Dumbbell Row With An Exercise Ball

Using dumbbells while on a stability ball instantly adds a new element to the exercise. This week’s variety of exercise is a simple bent over, one-arm row while on a stability ball.

  • Grasp a dumbbell in one hand and position yourself so the exercise ball is under your stomach and hips. You’ll know the ball is a good size for this exercise because you can just about full extend your arm without the dumbbell touching the floor.
  • Your palm should face toward your body as you grasp the weight.

One-arm dumbbell row

  • Pull the dumbbell up and towards your side (see image below). Return to the starting position.
  • Repeat the maneuver 10-12 times for one set. Work towards completing 2-3 sets.

One-arm dumbbell row

Please speak to your provider before starting any new exercise regimen.

dsc_0323-1    –Dr. Courtney

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