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8 Nutritious, Low Calorie Drinks That Also Provide Loads Of Flavor

Sometimes satisfying your thirst results in purchasing beverages loaded with calories, sugar, fat, and other unnecessary ingredients. It only takes a few minutes and you can easily quench your thirst, satisfy the yearning for a warm drink, or refresh yourself with a home made drink. Bonus: you’ll benefit from the nutrition and natural remedy of the ingredients. Enjoy!

Spiced Mango Smoothie

This delicious smoothie will quickly become your go-to morning drink. It contains mango as well as several spices that benefit the body. Turmeric is a spice known for its anti-inflammatory components and is an excellent antioxidant. Ginger has similar anti-inflammatory effects, and is super soothing on the gut. Mango, known for it’s high levels of vitamin A, C and B6, contains loads of vitamins and minerals that help keep you feeling fuller for longer. Finished off with dairy-free yogurt (but you can also use non-fat, plain Greek yogurt) provides protein and probiotics to get your morning started strong.

Chocolate Almond Banana Smoothie

It may sound decadent, but this drink is contains healthy elements that will satisfy your sweet tooth but also provide you nutrients. Oats can lower cholesterol levels, help ward off hunger for longer, and help regulate blood sugar levels. If you’ve never tried Chia seeds, this is a great opportunity to do so. They are low calorie, but provide loads of antioxidants, protein fiber, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Honey Turmeric Spiced Tea

This delicious spiced drink is a wonderful treat when winding down for the day. It contains lemon, honey, and turmeric. The citrus provides a mega vitamin-C boost for your immune system, honey acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and gives the drink just a bit of sweetness. Turmeric helps support gut health and fights inflammation.

Lemon Mint Raspberry Water

While hydration is a key factor in overall wellness and weight maintenance, it’s not always easy to guzzle all the fluids that our body needs. One way to ensure that you drink more is to make the drinks more enticing, without adding on the calories, sugar, and other unhealthy ingredients. This recipe shares how to make refreshing lemon, mint, raspberry water, but you can translate the idea with any fruits and herbs.

Fizzy Blueberry Lemonade

If you are trying to incorporate more liquids into your diet you might be tempted to purchase store-bought beverages. But be cautious when doing so, as many are loaded with sugar, additives (for shelf life), and other unnecessary ingredients. Try this homemade lemonade that is sugar free.

Pumpkin Juice

This is a drink perfect for the fall months. The ingredients include pumpkin, apple cider, cinnamon, apricot, and spices. It can be served hot or cold. Keep in mind that it does call for apricot nectar, which can often be heavy in sugar. But you can reduce the amount, use fresh apricots to make a puree that can be incorporated, or omit the ingredient altogether.

Turmeric Latte

This drink is commonly referred to as “golden milk” because of the beautiful color the turmeric and ginger create. This simple latte contains milk, anti-inflammatory turmeric, and a dash of honey, which also helps improve cholesterol and provides antioxidants. Now, it does also call for maple syrup which increases the sugar load, but we suggest omitting this ingredient or use a sugar substitute.

Hot Ginger Coffee

Coffee is a go-to for many people. If you’re feeling like mixing it up a bit, this delicious ginger coffee will surely fit the bill. Orange zest, ginger, and cinnamon provide loads of flavor while also adding vitamin C, anti-inflammatory elements, and antioxidants. Cinnamon is also known to lower blood sugar and help reduce the risk of heart disease. Delicious and nutritious coffee- definitely a win-win!

All of these can be a great addition to any meal. A healthy drink can be a wonderful way to improve digestion, and decrease food intake by making you feel full faster.



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