Dr. Courtney completing hammer curl shoulder presses
Weekly Exercise

Exercise Of The Week: Hammer Curl Shoulder Press

This week’s combination exercise works your biceps and shoulders. It can be done either laying down or standing up. Which ever position you choose to complete the exercise, ensure that as you work through the movement, you lift the weight, don’t swing them.

  • Start by holding a barbell in each hand around waist level, with your palms facing inward towards each other.
  • Since I’ll be doing the exercise laying down, I’m also going to bend my legs at the knees, bringing my heels towards my bottom.
  • If you choose to stand for the exercise, slightly bend your legs, allowing your weight to shift towards your heels. This will prevent you from bearing forward while you lift.
  • In a fluid motion, lift the weights as you shift them towards your shoulders. Do not go further than your shoulders- your arms should be straight up (without locking your elbows) by the time they reach shoulder level.
  • Return the weights to waist level and repeat the motion 10-12 times for one set. Complete 2-3 sets.

Please speak to a provider before starting any new exercise regimen.

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