Weekly Exercise

Exercise Of The Week: Core and Shoulder Press Combo

This week we’re starting a series of combination exercises that incorporate several muscle groups. Today’s exercise works your core, shoulders, and biceps.

-Start by sitting on the floor with your legs in front of you and knees bent.

-Hold two weights at shoulder level (elbows by your sides), with palms facing towards your body.

-Lean slightly backwards while engaging your core, keep your back nice and straight.

-As you raise the weights upwards and simultaneously rotate the weights so that your palms are facing outwards.

-As you lower the weights, rotate the weights back to the start position.

-Repeat the movement 12-15 times for a set. Work towards three sets.

-If you find you cannot maintain the position of leaning back while completing the movement, complete as many reps as you can in the leaning position, pause and adjust to sitting straight once you need to, and complete the remaining reps. As you gain strength, slowly add more reps in the leaning position.

Please speak to your provider before starting any exercise regimen.

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