cross-over ab workout
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Exercise Of The Week: Cross-Over Ab Workout

This week’s exercise is a slight modification of a classic crunch. You may have done a similar variation before, where you shift from side to side and touch each heel; this movement however, has you completing more of the “crunch” movement, working different parts of your core.

-Start by laying on your back on a yoga mat or a carpeted area for comfort.

-Bend your knees slightly, bringing your feet towards your bottom.

-Holding any object (I’m just holding a dog toy, but you could incorporate a light weight as well), place your hands at chest level.

-Lift your upper torso, engaging your core (not your neck!) and reach with your arms towards your left knee.

-Return to the start position, and then repeat the movement towards your right knee.

-Continue “reaching” for 15-20 reps, or however many you can initially. Work towards several sets of 30 crunches. Hold a slightly heavier weight for more of a challenge, but make sure you can comfortably move the weight without swinging out your arms for the momentum.

Please speak to your provider before starting any new exercise regimen.

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