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Fitness Tools That Help Keep Workouts Interesting

Are your current workouts making you feel like you’re in a rut? Find yourself doing the same routine and sometimes not following through, because you’re bored? Having a different gym or workout routine because of a variety of reasons (travel, having recently moved, pandemic, shifts in health, and more) can definitely put a damper on a fitness routine. Luckily, a little bit of creativity and help from resources like free or low-cost apps and fitness influencers/bloggers can help keep your routine varied and help you stay fit and motivated.

Gold’s AMP

This app, by country-wide gym Gold’s Gym, contains more than 600 cardio and strength workouts with audio and video guidance. In addition to weighted strength workouts and cardio machine-specific routines (awesome for those with a treadmill, elliptical, or exercise bike at home!), there’s also a section for bodyweight-only workouts. You can even work on some stretching and meditation.

The app is usually free for gym members or $10 per month for non-members. This brings up the point that you should check with your gym, if you’re already enrolled somewhere, to see if there is any offer for an app or online workouts.

Available on iOS and Android.

Tone It Up

This app lets you choose from hundreds of workouts (many of which are bodyweight-only), or you can follow a specific program built around specific goals. They’ve even got some postnatal content that’s great for new parents.

$15 per month.

Available on iOS or Android.

Yoga for Beginners

Looking to start a yoga practice but not sure how to jump in? This app is a great place for beginner-friendly workouts, which are divided into three types of yoga: vinyasa, hatha, and restorative. Each video takes you through the poses and breath work to help you learn and develop your practice. This app is free.

Available on iOS and Android.

Map My Fitness by Under Armour

This app lets you choose from some preset workouts, but it’s really the most useful for people who want to create their own workouts. You can completely build your own routine from its library of more than 800 moves, track your weight/set/rep progress, and share it with others. It also syncs with most fitness wearables and connects to MyFitnessPal, so you can combine all your data for a more comprehensive look at your stats. This app is free.

Available on iOS and Android.

Fitness Bloggers to Follow

Tally Rye

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I don’t know about you but every time I log on to Instagram I am bombarded with home workouts right now! Which is great because it’s all with the best intentions. ⁣ But it can also feel overwhelming and come with immense pressure to be ‘doing something’ when you might not be in the right headspace for it. ⁣ ⁣ As an intuitive mover, I want to encourage you to make the decisions that are the best for your body and mind. ⁣ It doesn’t matter about what your favourite fitness blogger is doing, it’s about what feels right for YOU. One day that might be an at home dance party, the next day it might feel like a gentle yoga flow and the following day a Netflix marathon. ⁣ ⁣ This is a weird time, and there’s no real manual on how to navigate it. We all cope differently so use the right self care coping mechanisms for you. ⁣ ⁣ Remember you are under no obligation to exercise or move if you don’t want to. ⁣ That also goes for today, the next few weeks/ months but also for everyday. ⁣ ⁣ So, to my fellow fit pros; let’s leave out the ‘no excuses’ rhetoric at this time with phrases – each of us has a lot on our plate and the additional pressure to workout is unhelpful. ⁣ ⁣ #TrainHappy #intuitivemovement #joyfulmovement #fitness #homeworkout #listentoyourbody #antidiet ⁣

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Tally Rye is a group fitness instructor that is “an anti-diet weight inclusive PT, who focuses on the mental and physical benefits of exercise.” She’s a firm believer in moving your body because you love it, rather than as a form of punishment. Like her post that we shared above, what Tally encourages people to do is listen to their body- but also stay active. You’ll find posts about general self care, adjusting mindsets to promote continued wellness, fitness tips from guest bloggers, and much more.

Massy Arias

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Burn over 500 cals with this HIIT cardio at home 🔥 [save, share, and tag your friends] swipe left. Hit the ❤️ button to let me know if you’d like to see more routines like this one. Workout details: you’ll pair two consecutive movements to be done back to back with no rest in between. Repeat 3 sets for the duration of 30-45 for advanced levels and 20-30s for beginners per superset. I left a bonus move at the end. Superset: is the combination of two movements performed back to back with little to no rest in between them. You’re going to love this one and I want to see how much you sweat. So bring it and tag me when you do it. Let’s get it! For at home equipment and my new at home program that drops April 15th click link in bio. wwww.massyarias.com __________________________________________________ Quema más de 500 calorías con este cardio HIIT en casa 🔥 [salva, comparte y etiqueta a tus amigos] Detalles del entrenamiento: emparejarás dos movimientos consecutivos haciendolos de forma consecutiva sin descanso entre ellos. Repite 3 series durante 30s-45s para niveles avanzados y 20s-30s para principiantes por superconjunto. Les deje un bonus al final. Superconjunto: es la combinación de dos movimientos realizados de forma consecutiva con poco o ningún descanso entre ellos. Te va a encantar la rutina y quiero ver cuánto sudas. Etiquetame cuando lo hagas. Para bandas y equipo de casa visita mi pagina web. DALE!

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Arias is one of the biggest names in fitness and has built her huge following from inspiring people to persevere, work hard, and not give up when they face obstacles. She’s also a huge advocate for not focusing on aesthetics and fitness as a way to maintain wellness and promote health.

Susan Niebergall

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Ever had a cranky elbow? – Boy, I have, and it can be nagging for sure. – The first thing always is to get them checked out by a doctor. – When my elbow was at it’s worst, I still was able to workout. Could I do everything I would normally do? – No. – But I found ways to train around the injury, and I have one tip that may help you as well. – Change your grip. Change how you hold a DB – Go to what’s called a thumb under grip (also known as a thumbless grip). – ✅Create a hook shape with your hand with the thumb right next to the first finger ✅Let the DB sit in the hook ✅The thumb ends up underneath the DB instead of wrapped around the top – This can take the pressure off of the elbow for most underhand pulling movements – This now opens up a lot of horizontal pulling motions you could potentially keep up with. – You can also transfer that grip to chin ups. – I wasn’t able to do chin ups for quite some time when my elbow was acting up, but I was able to go back to them much sooner by changing how I held on to the bar. – My elbow is much better now, but I still use the thumbless grip when I do chin ups. It’s become my go-to – While this depends on where your elbow pain is, and your particular situation, this grip alternative could very well open up the doors to some exercises you may have thought you wouldn’t be able to do. – With any injury, get seen by a doctor or PT first, be smart, and find ways to train around it. – You can literally train around anything, It may not look the same, but you can still make progress if you start to focus on what you can do as opposed to what you can’t do. – Love You – #injury #progress #weightlossmotivation #weightlifting #strengthtrainingtips #strengthtrainingforwomen #fatlosstips #injuryrecovery #fitover40 #fitover50 #fitover55 #fitover60 #fitnessafter50 #susanniebergallfitness

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A diamond in the rough- Niebergall is one of a few fitness influencers that is over 30 years old. What we love about her: she doesn’t see age as any sort of limitation and supports her followers to achieve fitness, wellness, and strength regardless of age, physical restriction, or ability. Niebergall shares general fitness info, how to break through fitness ruts, how to work around common limitations (like “cranky elbows”), and more.

James Stirling

James’ posts are fantastic because many of them focus on at-home workouts with little or no equipment. Don’t be intimidated by the looks of some of his workouts- they can all be modified for any level of fitness (slow down the movement, simlify the combination, etc).

Jessie Diaz

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BEFORE YOU KEEP SCROLLING, give me 3 minutes of your time. I’ve been getting some compliments about my weight loss and it feels weird. Mainly because the weight loss was really a result of a ten pound fibroid that was removed from my stomach. 😳 And the truth is, I’ve only starting getting back into being active again about 2 weeks ago since October. I say this all to say, sometimes you can workout fiercely on a regimented basis and not see immediate results and sometimes you lose weight because of internal complications. So while I appreciate the kind compliments your trying to make, we should be careful how we celebrate weight loss or how we view weight gain. We never know why it happens as it’s personal to the individual. So for me my individual goal is not necessarily weight loss, but more about JOYFUL MOVEMENT for myself and my community. This means I aim to create spaces that provide a judgement free and safe space to try workouts and fall in love with them. And already early into 2020 I’ve been able to manifest those things. In two weeks @plusjones and I will be hosting our first ever curvy aqua cycling class at @aquastudiony! CLASS IS SOLD OUT and I cannot wait! What’s next? I’m looking into private intro to CrossFit, kickboxing, dance class + passes to Equinox pools and combat laser tag! Get ready babes, joyful movement goals are in FULL EFFECT! Active drip by @athleta

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Diaz-Herrera is a dancer, yogi, and staunch advocate of exercise being for all body shapes and sizes. Diaz focuses on making fitness fun; she shares fitness inspiration, cooking tips to supplement any fitness plan, and also encourages people to include fitness in their lives not only because of the physical benefits, but because of the confidence boost it provides (and who couldn’t use an extra pep in their step!?).

These are just a few options that can help keep your fitness routine varied and fun. Don’t forget to check out out the exercise ideas I share every Tuesday for additional fitness inspiration and motivation!

Please check with your provider before starting any new exercise regimen.




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