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Recipes That Support Liver Health

We previously shared foods that can be detrimental to liver health and can lead to fatty liver disease. High levels of sodium, sugar, and cholesterol, are just a few factors that can negatively impact liver health and function. Today, we’ll share six recipes that support liver health and don’t skimp on flavor.

Goal: Limit Fried Foods/Fry Healthier

Try This: Tempura Tofu and Spring Vegetables

Generally speaking, fried foods should be avoided. But if the temptation hits, there’s still a way to make fried food in a healthy way. Clean oil, heart healthy options, and even the right temperature can all impact how healthy the delicious creation is. Try this tempura recipe and read more about healthier frying processes here.

Goal: Reduce Sugar

Try This: Classic Banana Bread

low sugar banana bread

Many people have taken on baking as a way to pass the time over the last few months. Try this recipe, which will help satisfy a sweet tooth, without loading on the added sugar. Keep in mind too, that when consuming pre-packaged foods, sugar comes labeled as many other words (including dextrose, fructose, galactose, glucose, lactose, maltose, sucrose), so in order to avoid consuming too much sugar, read those labels and get familiar with all the alternative ways ingredients are labeled.

Goal: Skip Processed Grains

Try This: Roasted Cherry Tomato, Sorghum, and Arugula Salad

whole grain arugula salad

Whole grains help regulate blood sugar, which will prevent insulin resistance and potentially type 2 diabetes. This delicious salad contains sorghum, a whole grain that is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and is a great option to be packed for lunch on-the-go.

Goal: Consume Less Sodium

Try This: Pizza From Scratch

Most pre-made and pre-packaged pizzas are loaded with sodium. Making your own at home is easy, and you can then control what ingredients are included, limiting those high in sodium. This recipe uses an easy home-made sauce, cutting the sodium levels typically found in jarred options. Load it up with toppings that add additional health benefits- vegetables, pine nuts, etc., and you’ll never look back!

low sodium pizza

Goal: Less Red Meat

Try This: Garlic Lemon Salmon

red meat alternative- lemon garlic salmon

As we shared in the last post on foods that can contribute to fatty liver disease, too much red meat can lead to an excess of fat in the liver and increase risk. Incorporating leaner meats is ideal, and Salmon is a wonderful option because it also includes omega-3 fatty acids, which support brain and heart health in addition to helping support liver health.

Goal: Avoid Alcohol

Try This: Non Alcoholic Sangria

non alcoholic sangria

One of the types of fatty liver disease is attributed to heavy consumption of alcohol. Limiting or avoiding alcohol is the best bet to maintain liver health and overall wellness. Recipes such as this one are a delicious alternative, as it provides something refreshing to drink without worry of how it may impact sleep, weight, pain levels, liver health, and many other aspects.

As you can see, modifying a diet to support liver health doesn’t mean that the food has to be bland. Small changes can make a large impact, while also reducing the risk of developing issues not only relating to the liver, but overall wellness and longevity.

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