Weekly Exercise

Keep Fit And Active Without Leaving Home

For many of us, the past weeks have altered our sense of normalcy and thrown many portions of our routines into uncharted waters. Not only are the days unfolding differently, but our health has come into the spotlight in a way that most have not experienced at this heightened level before.

Many people are finding themselves spending more time at home and it’s a great opportunity to add physical activity into the mix. You will find that even a slight uptick in exercise will raise your mood and energy levels, and will certainly help pass the time.

Try these exercises from our previous Tuesday exercise posts for ideas. If you don’t have equipment at home- get creative! Instead of free weights, you can use bottles of water or soup cans (if you can hold them securely). Try exercises that only depend on your own body weight to completely eliminate the need for equipment.

Please speak to your provider before you start any exercise regimen.

Refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for accurate, up to date information on how to protect yourself and loved ones from COVID-19.

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