hip bridges with a wobble cushion
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Exercise Of The Week: Hip Bridges Using A Wobble Cushion

Hip bridges work a substantial amount of muscles; the hip abductors, gluteus maximus, hamstrings, your core, and the quadriceps are all involved in maintaining balance. Using a wobble cushion makes it much more difficult. This variation, stabilizing with one leg, is another version that increases the difficulty.

  • Lay on your back on the floor- you can place a yoga mat (or do this on a carpeted floor) under you for comfort, or if you find the wobble cushion slides too much once you start the exercise.
  • Place your arms at your sides, palms down, for stability.
  • Place your feet on the wobble cushion, bringing it directly under your knees.
  • Once you feel stable, slowly lift your bottom upwards, working to create a straight line between your chin, chest, torso, and knees.
  • Lift one leg off of the cushion and hold it straight ahead of you (as seen in the image below).
  • Hold the position for as long as you can without compromising your form (as you can see in the image, I may need to either adjust my form or shorten how long I’m holding the position, as my hips are starting to dip down). You can try for thirty seconds at first, then increase the time by fifteen seconds as you gain strength.
  • If you find the wobble cushion is slipping away, move back to the starting position and adjust to avoid injury.

Please speak to your provider before starting any new exercise regimen.

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