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Exercise Of The Week: Seated Neck Rolls

We’ve all been there- sitting for too long and aching for a way to stretch and get the blood flowing and potentially without many options for physical activity. Flights, desk jobs, long drives, paperwork at home, online browsing, and studying are just a few of the many reasons that we all sit for hours upon hours a day. I’ll be starting a series of weekly exercises that highlight exercises and stretches that can be done in a seated position.

The classic neck roll is a great way to relieve tension in the neck and upper back and can help relax you regardless of where you are. Avoid this exercise if you have an existing neck or cervical spine injury (speak to your provider about any questions).

  • Start by sitting straight, with your back against the seat. If the seat back is higher (like in an airplane), you may need to sit towards the edge of the seat- just make sure to sit straight, with your shoulders back.
  • Tilt your head to one side- my movement is restricted due to my back fusions, but tilt your head as far as is comfortable and hold the position for five seconds. Take a deep, long breath.
  • Then tip your head back and hold for five seconds.
  • Then tilt your head to the opposite side and hold for another five seconds. Take another deep, long breath.
  • The final movement is tilting your head forward, moving your chin towards your chest. I am unable to model this movement, but tilt your head as far downward as is comfortable.
  • You can repeat the movements several times throughout the day- you’ll be amazed how this simple stretch will help relieve neck and upper back tension.

Please speak to your provider before starting any new exercise regimen.

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