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Natural Beauty

We all want to present our best side. Even if it’s just a Facebook post to family and friends. But all too often the desire to get rid of that pesky acne breakout, laugh lines, bags under the eyes, excess fat, or double chin can be powerful. "What can it hurt?", you tell yourself, "it’s… Continue reading Natural Beauty

Living With Chronic Pain

Social Media and Chronic Pain

Over the last decade, social media has become an incredible tool for exchanging ideas, enhancing health education, improving communication, and promoting advocacy and behavior change. Because daily life decisions can impact overall health and wellness, it should come as no surprise that social media has become a powerful platform in the prevention and improvement of… Continue reading Social Media and Chronic Pain

Weight Loss

10 Ways Social Media Can Help Weight Loss

The Internet completely changed life as we know it. Many of us remember a time when talking with someone who wasn't in the same room was only possible when we picked up the phone. The idea we can do so now, anytime and anywhere, is mind boggling. Last week we discussed concerns social media and… Continue reading 10 Ways Social Media Can Help Weight Loss

Living With Chronic Pain

Social Media And Pain

Living with chronic pain can be debilitating. Often times we swing from isolating ourselves or trying to pretend it doesn't exist. But neither works. We have chronic pain. We live with it every day and being able to share how we feel with those we care about and express our needs is imperative. But that's… Continue reading Social Media And Pain