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Weekly Exercise

Exercise of the Week: Gliding Tuck Planks

This week is another addition to our series on “gliding” exercises. These are exercises done while having towels, socks, or other item to help your feet glide on the floor. For those exercising on a carpeted surface, you can use fitness sliders (shown below). Exercises done in this manner challenge the transverse abdominis- muscles deep in your core that wrap around your spine. Working these muscles helps improve stability which is important for fitness as well as everyday activities.

  • Get into the pushup position, with your hands below your shoulders.
  • Place your feet on whichever item you are using to help you “glide”- I’m using small washcloths.
  • Keep your shoulders and hips aligned. Avoid arching or dipping your back.
  • Once in position, bring both feet towards your hands at the same time.
  • Return your feet to the starting position
  • Repeat 12-15 times for one set. Work towards three sets.
  • This is a tough exercise! You may need to start with smaller sets until you build strength and stability. Building your endurance is important and should be the route you take rather than pushing to where you may compromise your form.

Please speak to your provider before starting any new exercise.

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