Weekly Exercise

Exercise of the Week: Gliding Plank

This week is the first of a series of exercises you can do at home using towels (or while wearing socks). Using these simple household items allows you to add a more difficult component to your workouts, helping build stability and strength.

  • Start by putting socks on, or getting two washcloths, one to go under each foot.
  • For this exercise you’ll need to be on smooth flooring to allow the socks or towels to glide. Please be cautious and take the time to get your bearing to prevent injury. If you feel unstable or like you don’t quite have the strength for this variation, stop. Work on building strength with a basic plank first, along with other stability exercises, until you are ready.
  • Position yourself into a pushup position, with your arms directly under your shoulders.

  • Keep your shoulders, and back aligned- avoid arching your back or dipping your hips too low.
  • Once in position, slide one leg towards the elbow on the same side.
  • When your knee has reached approximately your hip area, slide it back towards the starting position.
  • Rotate which leg you slide forward.
  • Complete 8-10 “slides” on each side for one set. Work up to 2-3 sets.

Please speak to your provider before starting any new exercise regimen.

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