Weekly Exercise

Exercise Of The Week: Single Dumbbell Core Workout

This week’s exercise is a great selection to strengthen your core and only requires a single dumbbell or small item (like a can of soup or a water bottle). Keep your core activated throughout the movement. Avoid lifting your head; the movement in this exercise should be from your legs and arms.

  • Start by laying on the ground with one leg stretched out and the other bent to where your foot is flat on the ground. Keep a light weight nearby that you can pick up when ready to start.
  • Pick up the weight (or item) with both hands and lift the weight up and behind you, to where your arms are aligned with your body.
  • Simultaneously move the leg that is outstretched towards your middle (bringing your knee towards your head), and bring your arms toward the knee (move the weight/item, don’t swing!). Have your knee and the weight meet around your mid-section.
  • Return your leg and arms back to the outstretched position.
  • Repeat the movement 12-15 times for one set. Repeat 2-3 sets with each leg.

Please speak to your provider before starting any new exercise regimen.

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