Weekly Exercise

Exercise of the Week: Seated Sun Salutations

We are starting a series of exercises that can be completed while seated. These will help build your bank of exercises that can be done anywhere- at home, the office, waiting for an appointment, at the airport, etc. There’s no reason to not keep active and the movements over the next many weeks will target a wide variety of muscles and help keep you limber and strong.

Today’s exercise is the sun salutation. This seated variation targets the chest, back, and shoulders.

  • Start by placing your feet firmly on the ground with your knees over your ankles and thighs parallel to the ground. In the image below, I should be seated forward more so that my feet are firm on the ground.
  • If the chair you’re in doesn’t allow you to plant your feet flat on the ground, place a folded blanket, yoga block, or stepstool to lift your feet.
  • Sit towards the edge of the seat and ensure sure you’re sitting up straight.
  • Place your palms together at chest level and then slowly raise them upwards, “saluting” the sun.
  • Slightly look upwards to gently stretch your neck.
  • Hold to the count of three then lower your hands to your lap.
  • Wait for one count and repeat.
  • Repeat the steps 10-15 times.

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