twist using a wobble cushion
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Exercise Of The Week: Kneeling Twist Using A Wobble Cushion

As you’ve likely noticed in the last several exercise posts, using a wobble cushion makes any exercise more difficult. It works your core and helps improve balance. This week’s exercise is a simple twist which helps strengthen your core. Twists also work your pelvis, glutes, and hips in an effort to keep balanced while on the wobble cushion.

  • Start by placing the wobble cushion on a stable surface- if you find it slips around too much once you’re on it, place it on a yoga at or a carpeted floor.
  • Kneel down onto the cushion and work to stabilize yourself for the starting position.
  • Cross your arms across your chest.
  • Slowly twist from side to side as seen in the video below- ensure that you activate your core and the movement is not jerky. I found I had to pause at each side to maintain balance. As strength and balance improve, the movement will become more fluid.
  • Work to complete 10-15 twists. One you have gained more stability, you can even try timing instead of reps- twist for a minute, then slowly add more time.
  • Once you find that the movement is easier to complete, you can also hold a five or ten pound barbell at chest height (keep it close to you).

Don’t be too hard on yourself if this seems too difficult at first. Go slowly, try just one or two twists at a time, slowly adding more. Everybody has to start somewhere, and even I struggle to complete these exercises sometimes!

Please speak to your provider before starting any new exercise regimen.

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