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Need To Escape The Heat But Want To Stay Active? Try These Indoor Activities!

Stay active. It’s much easier said, than done. During the hottest months of the year, it can feel as though activity outside of the earliest hours of the morning is not possible. For most, that may be accurate; the heat is unbearable and prolonged periods of time outdoors can quickly lead to heatstroke and heat exhaustion if precautions aren’t taken. Avoiding the heat doesn’t mean you have to avoid physical activity. Here are some fun and unique suggestions to get your blood pumping during the hottest months.

Defy Tucson

Defy Tucso

Jump parks are all the rage right now, and Tucson just gained a new facility, “Defy Tucson”. It has in-ground trampolines, large foam block pits, obstacle courses, dodge ball, log rolls, and much more. The concept may seem like it’s just for kids, but you’ll see people of all ages flying through these courses, and that’s because it’s fun! There are discounts available for military personnel and college students, and each day from 9a-1p, children ages 6 and under enter at a discounted rate (and accompanying parents enter for free). Friday and Saturday evenings, from 9-11p, are laser nights for those 15 years+, adding another fun element. This place is sure to get your blood pumping!


Bowling is a great option because people of all ages can participate, and those that opt out can still hang out and enjoy everybody’s company. Vantage bowling centers are located throughout town. For the more serious bowler, each location has leagues that you can join. Events like Family Fun Day are frequently hosted and each location has Pizzano’s New York style pizza inside, making this a place to get active or enjoy a meal and fun with the family.

Rock Climbing At Rocks And Ropes

Rocks and Ropes Tucson

A unique venue for physical activity, Rocks and Ropes is a great way to hone your balance, strength, and problem solving skills. This activity is for climbers of all skill levels and they also have times carved out for children, groups, and parties.

Skate Country

If you haven’t ever been to Skate Country, you’re missing out. It is a throwback to a classic activity that gets your blood moving and is also fun for the whole family. A part of Tucson since 1972, Skate Country is active in the Tucson community and partners with area schools to provide safe, wholesome fun. Various times are available for families, adults, parties, and fundraisers.

Mall Walking

Mall walking isn’t just for the older crowd; groups of all ages join to take advantage of the cool, safe environment and get those steps in. Tucson Mall, for example, opens their doors at 6 a.m. every morning for walkers. Depending on how many times you opt to loop the upper and lower levels, you could log several miles! Park Place Mall also opens its doors to walkers at 6 a.m Monday-Saturday, and 8 a.m. on Sunday.

Pump It Up

This venue is geared towards a younger age group and is frequently chosen for children’s birthday parties. It is a popular choice for families due to their Open Gym, Toddler Time, and Glow Jump time slots. Any adult that has ever accompanied their kids into the courses knows it’s a workout- and nobody has ever said they didn’t enjoy it!

The Tucson Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum offers a mental workout- offering exhibits that study gravity, electricity, the human body, public safety, veterinary science, an imagination station (where its encouraged to paint on the walls!), and outdoor learning. Special guests are frequently brought in to share new and exciting ways to learn while introducing topics like archeology, art appreciation, gem and mineral exploration, and many others. An Oro Valley location is also available, but for the variety of exhibits, we recommend the downtown location.

Indoor Sky Diving at SkyVenue Arizona

Also known as “body flight,” indoor sky diving is a fun and exciting activity for people of all ages. Certified Instructors facilitate the experience, and lessons for first time jumpers and children are available. This is a full body workout that is exhilarating and safe!

For over a decade, my daughter and I spent wonderful hours bonding, exercising, and learning new skills at almost all of these sites. I hope you also find them to be a fun avenue for keeping active and enjoying time with your family.

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