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Meditation and Hypnosis; How Focusing Inward Can Improve Wellness

Stress can have many impacts on the human body including causing fatigue, depression, anxiety, poor sleep, weight fluctuations, and increased pain. Particularly now, when the world and everything around us has changed so dramatically, learning ways to de-stress is more important than ever. Meditation and hypnosis have both been shown to have a positive impact… Continue reading Meditation and Hypnosis; How Focusing Inward Can Improve Wellness

Weekly Exercise

Exercise Of The Week: Down Dog Split Using A Chair

The down dog stretch targets your arms, back, and legs, core, and shoulders. This variation, using a chair, is another easy one to do anyplace, anytime. Stretching can help ease the tension and anxiety that many are feeling these days. This movement will help relax your body and help you feel more centered to take… Continue reading Exercise Of The Week: Down Dog Split Using A Chair

Tip/Thought of the Day

When Virtual Medicine Isn’t Enough

The current state of the world has resulted in many, if not most, physicians offering telemedicine as an alternative for patients that opt to not come into the office for an in-person check up. This may seem like the ideal solution- offering solutions to individuals who seek them, while providing an avenue that limits physical… Continue reading When Virtual Medicine Isn’t Enough

hypnosis and chronic pain
Living With Chronic Pain

Hypnosis And Pain Management

Mind over matter is a phrase we’ve all heard. Typically it means our minds can overcome anything, even physical challenges, if we put it to the task. In this respect, hypnosis may be a helpful non-drug therapy to reduce pain in chronic pain conditions. Origins of hypnosis Hypnosis goes back to the biblical age, dating as… Continue reading Hypnosis And Pain Management

Tip/Thought of the Day

We Are All Tired

I understand most of us are ready to quit. We’re tired, alone, depressed, overwhelmed, isolated, fed up and done staying home. Many are desperate to get back to “normal”.Desperate to get back to work, school,  life as we knew it. Fearing we won’t be able to pay our bills, feed our families, get the medical care… Continue reading We Are All Tired