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Choosing An Effective Air Filter

There are many ways to keep the air in your home fresh- plants, regular cleaning, choosing household items and cleaners low in (or free of) harmful chemicals, and air filters are all great options. There are many options for filters for your home HVAC system and stand-alone filter systems. Today we'll share how to choose… Continue reading Choosing An Effective Air Filter

woman sneezing into tissue
Tip/Thought of the Day

Nip Fall Allergies In The Bud

Living in the beautiful Southwest, we are lucky to enjoy a fall season that brings moderate temperatures and a well-deserved change from the overwhelming heat. For many, the change in weather also brings an increase in allergy symptoms. Not just reserved for the springtime, fall allergies can put a serious damper on enjoying the outdoors.… Continue reading Nip Fall Allergies In The Bud