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Distinguishing Symptoms of COVID-19 from Colds, the Flu, and Allergies

Last week, we shared common causes, symptoms, and treatments for fall allergies. As most have likely already come to discover from the onslaught of information pouring in regarding COVID-19, many symptoms between colds, allergies, the flu, and COVID-19 are identical. So, how is one to know when to seek testing or treatment, and when to… Continue reading Distinguishing Symptoms of COVID-19 from Colds, the Flu, and Allergies

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Nip Fall Allergies In The Bud

Living in the beautiful Southwest, we are lucky to enjoy a fall season that brings moderate temperatures and a well-deserved change from the overwhelming heat. For many, the change in weather also brings an increase in allergy symptoms. Not just reserved for the springtime, fall allergies can put a serious damper on enjoying the outdoors.… Continue reading Nip Fall Allergies In The Bud

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What Causes Allergies?

Many people suffer from allergies and if the reason behind the allergy isn't addressed, symptoms can often become serious, even debilitating. Seasonal irritants, Asthma, pets, sensitivity to fragrances among many other causes, are all potentially irritants to the body. Symptoms can range from watery eyes, sneezing, headaches, skin irritation, and can be as severe as… Continue reading What Causes Allergies?