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Exercise of the Week: Seated Bicycle Crunch

Depending on your fitness level, as well as the state of your back, ab exercises like crunches and sit-ups that are completed on the floor can sometimes strain the neck and upper back. Form is crucial with any exercise, but sometimes modifying what plane you work in (e.g., seated or standing, versus laying on the ground) can make all the difference in preventing injury while you build stability and strength.

Bicycle crunches are traditionally done on the floor- with your elbows being moved towards the opposite knee as your legs rotate as though you’re pedaling a bike. This variation is completed while seated, reducing stress on the neck and back while still working the core muscles.

  • Use a stable seat. This can be a chair, edge of a bed, bench, couch, or anything else that won’t shift while you do the exercise.
  • Sit towards the edge of the seat, but make sure your body is still firmly planted on the seat.
  • Lean slightly back while holding the edge of the seating area.
  • In a pedaling motion, lift your legs and rotate them (see video).
  • Complete this motion (a rep is both legs each completing a rotation), to the count of 12-15 reps to start.
  • Work towards 2-3 sets of 15-30 reps. As you build strength, work towards a full minute (rather than counting reps) increasing the time as you get stronger.

Please speak to your provider before starting any exercise regimen.

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