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How To Survive (And Enjoy!) The Sizzling Summer Months

Summer is a wonderful season. It brings with it the escape from the normal routine- school is out, vacations are in motion, outdoor activities are plentiful, there is a sense of freedom unlike during any other time of the year. Along with the weather that allows said freedom also comes a different variety of details to keep in mind. Here is a compilation of our previous “Tips of the day,” that will keep you and your family prepped to continue enjoying all the summer fun.

Water Safety

Water safety is a no-brainer, and yet, the statistics for water related deaths are startling: 2/3 of water related deaths occur between May and August every year. Many factors play into why this is a continuing concern- here is some information and reminders to maintain a safe environment for everybody around water.

Bug Repellent Prevents Diseases

Insect Repellent Is Essential To Prevent Disease

Warm weather means insects are also active. Mosquitoes, ticks, and chiggers are all insects that can transmit diseases like West Nile Virus, Lyme disease, Zika, Malaria, Dengue and Yellow Fever, Chikungunya, and Rocky Mountain fever, to name a few. Bug repellents are the best form of protection against such diseases, as is preventing them from breeding.

How to Prevent Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

Summers in any warm climate increase the danger of heat related illnesses. Your body normally cools itself by sweating, but during hot weather, especially when humid, sweating isn’t enough to cool you off. Find out more information on how to avoid the dangers that come with heat stroke and heat exhaustion.


It’s easy to forget to hydrate with the flurry of activities, people to socialize with, along with juggling the normal responsibilities. But, aside from lack of water disrupting your body’s basic functions, dehydration can be dangerous. Here’s what to watch out for, and why every drop counts.

Car Seat Safety

This year, it is estimated that nearly 100 million people will embark on a road trip, and 68% of that traveling will occur during the summer months. That also adds up to many children heading out on the road with their families. Buckling everybody up, and in car seats depending on their age, is a must. Read more for information on what type of car seats children need, as well as how to ensure proper installation.

Skin Protection

Skin protection is crucial, especially when more of our time is spent outdoors, like during the summer months. It can be easy to shrug off the potential risks if we forget to apply once in a while- but exposure adds up, and can lead to serious health concerns. Here is a stark reminder of why it is important to always guard your skin with sunscreen, protective clothing, shade, and also regular checks with your provider. Also, don’t forget to read here for information on how to pick the right sunscreen for you and your family.

Now with these tips in mind, we can all get back to soaking up the beautiful, fun summer months. Enjoy!

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  1. Excellent advice even though we should all know this we can always use reminders. Thanks for sharing these important facts

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