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What’s Next?

States are rapidly becoming more and more extreme.

Tennessee expelled 2 of 3 Democratic state legislators after they peacefully protested with students for gun laws to prevent further deaths. They did not remove the white woman. Only the two, young black representatives.

The AR 15 that killed 5 people in Kentucky and wounded 8 people in 9 minutes over the weekend will be back on the streets when it gets auctioned by state law to a new owner.

Missouri passed a law allowing children to openly carry firearms without adult supervision.

Llano, Texas was so angry that a judge demanded the return of books they had removed from the public library with topics like the Ku Klux Klan, a terrorist group, that they will be voting on closing the library altogether.

A new Kansas transgender law effectively allows the examination of student’s genitalia before they can play sports or enter a bathroom.

Idaho, where all abortions have been banned, just passed a law criminalizing anyone who helps a pregnant teen cross state lines to get an abortion, including that state’s providers. In response Washington’s Governor sent a letter to Idaho making it clear,

“We welcome all those who wish to come to our state and will protect all our providers who offer them healthcare. We will harbor and comfort your residents who have to flee to get such care.”

In Iowa, the attorney general paused Federal and State mandated coverage for all emergency contraception and STD care to prevent illness and pregnancy specifically to rape victims. Refusing them the option of preventing a pregnancy from their attacker.

And now one Texas judge, cherry picked for his well-known anti-abortion beliefs, is preventing a medication from being used not only in Texas but countrywide. Mifepristone was authorized by the FDA over 23 years ago and has a 99.96% safety rate. He inappropriately claimed it wasn’t properly vetted by the FDA or can’t be sent thru the mail by citing the archaic 1894 Comstock Law, deemed unconstitutional in the case of contraception mail delivery.

It is safer than Tylenol, penicillin, or Viagra.

His unilateral decision will end the access of every woman in the United States from obtaining a safe, effective medically induced abortion 70 days from their last period. It is already used in over 50% of abortions, for over two decades.

The ultimate goal? A nation-wide abortion ban with no exceptions to a law enshrining fetal personhood from the moment of conception- making a woman’s womb state property.

The judge labelled providers as abortionists, made clear he won’t use the term fetus but rather an “unborn human,” and agreed with the lawsuits premise it was to “save women from regret at their actions.”

This doesn’t just force the immediate withdrawal of a safe, FDA appropriately, monitored and authorized medication from all shelves in every pharmacy, it threatens every medication on the market today.

The DOJ stated in its appeal filed Monday this decision,

“Would thwart FDA’s scientific judgement and could allow lawsuits against any other medications for any reason. No prescription would be safe from these kinds of ideological or political attacks. “

And how could any pharmaceutical company be expected to spend money, time and effort to get a medication on the market to just have it arbitrarily pulled at anytime?

By allowing this to happen, the approval process, followed for decades, and the gold standard worldwide, will put every other medication at risk, and increase costs across the board.

But worse, the health and lives of countless women who require that medication as part of a two-pill regimen to safely evacuate a miscarriage that has no hope of creating a viable fetus or as a choice they make for their bodies for any reason, are at risk.

Abortions are healthcare. 

Without it women will die.

A handful of people want the power to decide that what the FDA has deemed safe to put in our medicine cabinets today can be removed tomorrow.

What’s next?

Who is next?










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  1. There are so few sane, thoughtful people to be found in this country. Yes, there are those who believe we had gone too far with late term abortions, or using abortion as your form of birth control. Sadly, those ‘ossosers’ are now also going too far too, imposing their values on others, pretending ey have the right to punish people with different values?. So there or laws, or lack of them, that we don’t like? Should we really depose Justices of the Supreme Court when we disagree with them? Is that the kind of country we want? Let’s ask the right questions about freedoms, not knee jerk ones.

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