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Tip/Thought of the Day

Time Goes Too Quickly

Too often time seems to fly by.

We are already at the end of March. Summer is just around the corner. Then the holiday craziness will be upon us before another year begins. Sometimes it feels like you blink and another one is gone. 

Yet other times it seems to slow down to a crawl. Feeling like the day, week, month will never end. Especially when we are looking forward to a distant vacation, celebration, or activity.

As they say, time is relative. All dependent on what we are doing, want or need.

 According to Einstein, the rate at which time passes depends on your frame of reference. 

Whether slow or long, we only have so much of it. Time is finite for us all. 

So what we do with the time we have is what’s important.

Did we spend it working?

Acquiring toys?

Worrying every second away? 

Wishing we were different?

Chasing after the unattainable- perfection in looks, a job, partner, or child?

Envying others instead of valuing our own lives?

Complaining about things we can’t control?

Ruing each day we got older and notice another wrinkle or grey hair?

I would love just one more day with my grandmother, father, mother, sister, brother, aunt, all lost too quickly without the chance to say all I needed to say.

As much as I did savor the moments with my daughter, I’d love the chance to revisit when she was young and I was her entire world, not the busy adults we’ve both become.

It’s easy to minimize the moments we do get. Believing we have all the time in the world to achieve our goals, share with others or voice the appreciation and love we seldom express. Too often, each day is overwhelmed by all the stress, tension and frustrations life creates. Then, before we know it, time has passed. 

It is a precious commodity we can’t get back.

So, for today, stop and think about all you do have in your life.

Think about those you love, care about, work with, depend upon, look up to, take care of… the people who make your life full and rich.

Think about your own health and welfare. Need improving? Today is a great place to start.

Get that mammogram you’ve been meaning to schedule.

Check out that concerning mole you’ve had for months.

The colonoscopy you’ve ignored for years.

Find out if that nagging chest ache, indigestion, abdominal pain, or cough are an issue.

The physical and lab work you’ve dreaded.

Ignorance is not bliss, in too many cases it can be harmful or life-threatening.

Learning of issues early can make all the difference in how we spend the next few years or decades.

Especially now after so many have put off care due to the pandemic.

Start eating better, cooking healthier.

Exercising slowly but surely until it becomes a part of your day, like brushing your hair or teeth.

It’s too easy to procrastinate. Put off today what can be done tomorrow. Until, before you know it, years, decades have flown by.

Make a pact with yourself to stop, smell the roses and take each day as it comes. Savoring the ups and downs. Creating new memories that will last forever.

Time will take care of itself. 

It won’t wait for us to catch our breath, plan, resolve issues, or get past obstacles. Like it or not, it will continue to pass and if we aren’t careful, leave us in the dust.

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