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The Beauty Around Us

In times of hardship and heartache it hits home what we need to get through each day.
From those items we require to survive – food to fill our bellies, clothes to cover our bodies and shelter from the harsh elements. As well as those we desperately depend on to answer our 911 call in times of emergencies; brave souls who enter all types of situations with calm, hope and expertise. When they arrive we know we have a fighting chance.

Healthcare workers from emergency rooms to medical offices not only give immediate assistance but daily, routine maintenance that fortifies our ability to fight infections and stay healthy during this crisis.

Veterinarians save our beloved pets when they get into trouble. Especially now with snakes awakening from their hibernation and other dangers lurking around the corner during the hotter months of summer.

A dentist when we have a toothache or dental issue.

Pharmacists supplying our life saving medications.

Teachers educating our youth and giving them focus when it’s needed most. Reminding them that structure and learning never stops.

Then there are those things we need to make it through the day.
Cars and the gas that makes them move, with safe full tires and mechanics when they break down.

The myriad of plumbers, gardeners, electricians, restaurants that deliver, postal workers, grocers, appliance reps, technical support, phones, digital streaming, trash collectors… who work behind the lines to keep us connected and functioning.

Who among us realized and truly appreciated how integral we all are in each other’s lives and their daily function? Without the parts, the whole comes to a screeching halt.

The world may have stopped, turning briefly, but the realities of our existence have not. We should be so grateful for everyone doing their part.

But in the end, those who truly get us through the day are the ones we turn to for comfort, support and joy. Our loved ones, friends, family, and co- workers. They help us to feel safe, protected. Giving us the motivation and ability to get up each morning and go on. Putting one foot in front of the other.

Just as important are those special items we need to feel safe and secure in our belief that not everything has been lost.

Not everything is insane.

For children it’s that stuffed animal, pillow, or blanket they carry everywhere. Tattered, torn, dirty, barely hanging onto a thread. . .those details aren’t important. Their presence is all that matters. My daughter used to clutch in one hand a stuffed turkey given by her beloved grandfather and her baby blanket in the other- both stitched together until they became a lost cause- giving solace in times of need. Touching and holding them close brought a sense of calm and hope amidst the chaos.

In truth don’t we all have that go-to talisman that brings a smile to our faces and reminds us of simpler, happier times?

Then there are those pleasures we often take for granted.

Seeing the rainbow after a storm and smelling the freshness all around. The incredible rainbow spreading across the sky.

Trees that bend with the powerful wind but never break. Hearing the birds chirping and wings flapping as they fly to far off places. Smelling the blooming jasmine and flowers as they are reborn each spring. The breathtaking panorama each sunrise and sunset produces. The magnificent array of stars that parade through the night, reinforcing this is only a temporary setback. Tomorrow really is a new day.

For me it’s:

Being able to turn on soft, uplifting or energizing tunes that remind me bad times don’t last forever.  A long hot bath, soaking off the pressures and worries swirling around me.

Savoring the written word. Finding endless ways to escape and find new and wondrous adventures and places to visit. Thankfully in this age, I don’t need the physical form, there’s more reading material online than anyone can enjoy in a lifetime.

Hearing the water trickle and flow in my backyard fountain with the tinkle of neighbor’s wind chimes in the distance brings me peace, reminding me I’m not alone. The constant contact of those I love ensuring not a day goes by where we aren’t in touch and treasured.

Cuddling and clinging to my beautiful babies at the end of a long day. Craving the respite from rising anxieties and strife, their love and affection provides. All these things keep me going.

Too often, we take for granted the beauty in the world and the people who make it possible. Assuming they’ll all still be here tomorrow, and the next day.

Hopefully not anymore.

Today, let’s not forget what’s really important- being able to get up safely to greet each new morning and crawl back into a bed safely tucked in each night.

During this incredible hardship where some suffer so much more than others, let us promise every day to do whatever it takes to make that happen. To honor, appreciate, care for, love and give back to those around us.

That way we’ll all see a better future.

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