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Since I started this blog, people have asked where I get my inspiration for the Thursday posts. The posts all start from reflecting on my life experiences, especially those surrounding my daughter, family, friends, pets and work.

The most incredible years of my life were spent raising my daughter. They left me with cherished memories of a simpler perspective. Her innocence, wide-eyed excitement for everything she saw and wisdom beyond her years taught me more than I could ever teach her. She constantly reminded me of the true essence of our existence- love and making happiness a choice, not a wish. Over the years it’s far too easy to brush that aside as we focus on “more important” issues after we join the rat race.

Growing up in a turbulent time, I was too young to really appreciate all that transpired, but it shaped the future of our country and my adulthood none-the-less.

It took tremendous courage for young people to take a stand and say in one voice-
“no more fighting”. Peaceful marches, led by a strong leader pushed to end bigotry, hatred and our racial divide. It ended with the highest cost of all- the life of a man committed to his cause. John F Kennedy, and later his brother Robert, were assassinated. Another president resigned. The Cold War and ultimate break up of the Soviet Union. The destruction of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany. My travels before I entered medical school, through countries like Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, showed me their existence in a state that no longer remains today. And evil so great the stench still permeates the remnants of concentration camps to this day. Reminding me I would not exist had it not been for the welcoming embrace this country had for my ancestors.

The destruction of the Twin Towers, a proud symbol of New York City for decades, brought home for the first time the real fears and concerns world terrorism presents to us all. Those now gone and dearly missed linger with me, touching every aspect of my life today.
I’ve had the pleasure and honor of caring for patients and their families for over 30 years. They have graciously shared their hopes, dreams, triumphs and most devastating moments. They continue to affirm the resilience, tenacity, and heart of the human spirit. Their trials, tribulations, persistence, and strength to move forward no matter the diagnosis, empowering. Each has an impact that leaves an indelible imprint.

I also draw it from everyday life. A news article that touches my soul and gives me hope that the good fight won’t end. Individuals like Greta Thunberg, who all alone at 15 years of age made millions stand up to protect Mother Earth against climate change.

Other times it’s a movie, article or song that resonates and speaks to me.

As with the film “Blood Diamond”. I’ll rightfully never see diamonds or any mined stone the same way again.

“Saving Private Ryan” was a poignant reminder of the devastation price war exacts and the courage and ultimate sacrifice dedicated men and women provide to protect us and our freedoms.

My babies are the last faces I see before I leave for work and the first ones to greet me when I return. No matter how the day turned out, the unconditional love in their eyes erases all issues and helps me to focus on the here and now. At night, when they’re blissfully content to be finally curled up in my lap, the craziness of the world recedes and true peace descends.

The beauty, love and inspiration all around me makes it easy to create these Thursday posts.
I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I love writing them. Thank you.

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