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The Destination Is Up To Us

In this day and age of anger, hate, and animosity among our leaders, along with outright fear for our safety and future, I had to take a breath.

I have always been an optimist.

Not blindly accepting the rose colored glasses, but willingly believing that beneath all the heartache and harsh words, there were those still struggling to be heard. Not as loudly perhaps, but just as persistent. I know because I see it everyday.

I have been privileged and honored to be a part of so many people’s lives for over 30 years. I’ve taken care of families of all ages. Seen them bring in new life and with it, new hopes. I’ve seen them age and pass on, leaving a legacy of hard work, character, and love.

I have seen those told the worst possible news, adapt with courage, tenacity and never-ending hope for a positive outcome, after only a brief period of shock and denial.

I’ve seen the depths to which people sink when a child or loved one is torn from their arms through violence or illness. The humanity and grace with which people support each other and made that loss mean something is astounding.

I’ve seen the strength we show amidst incredible adversity and the willingness to do whatever it takes to overcome it.

I see everyday who we really are and what we can really aspire to be.

Maybe I am too quick to see the possibility for a better tomorrow. A time where children will never fear another human being or see or be the subject of horrible acts of violence, bullying or hated. A place where color is irrelevant and only what we are inside matters. A world where gender isn’t a way to demean or diminish another human being. An acknowledgment that our diversity brings a new perspective to the table. A world where people aren’t driven to protect only what impacts their lives and possessions. A place where personal beliefs aren’t fodder for hurtful jokes and attacks. A time where size and looks doesn’t define someone’s beauty.

I believe in this future because I believe that’s what we truly want in our hearts. A society that embraces change as the only way to grow and succeed in ways we never thought possible. A future where our common goal is to protect the weak, honor the aged, respect our neighbors, offer solace to the downtrodden, healthcare to the sick, education to all, recognize there is no interpretation to truth, and encourage prosperity in all aspects of our lives, not just monetarily. Others’ achievements serve to show us anything is possible in an environment where everyone is encouraged to achieve and are given the same opportunities. Together we succeed, alone we die. Ultimately, all species learn this is the only way to survive.

Am I naive? Perhaps. But I prefer that to the alternative.

dsc_0323-1    –Dr. Courtney

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