Weekly Exercise

Weekly Exercise: Starting Off July With A Stretch

Exercise and stretching are effective ways to combat stress and also build strength and agility. Today, we’re sharing a stretch that you can easily do before getting ready for the day, or even just before bed to help unwind. Please make sure to check with your provider before starting any new exercise regimen to avoid injury.

This stretch targets your lower back and hips:

While on your knees on the floor, sit back so your buttocks rests on your heels. Reach forward with your hands, as far as you can, bringing your chest towards the ground (without lifting your buttocks from your feet). Hold the stretch for several minutes.

This stretch is also commonly called “child’s pose,” in Yoga, and there are variations that can be done, depending on your ability.

Unfortunately, after our teen years, very few of us really move the lower lumbar spine. Most of our movement occurs at the junction of the rib cage where it attaches to the lower back. Performing specific exercises where you feel the pull in the tailbone will help prevent it from narrowing and closing down (read about Spinal Stenosis here to learn more about why stretching is beneficial). Talk to your healthcare provider before doing such movements to ensure it’s safe and not harmful to another area or inappropriately stress a previous surgical site.

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