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Thought of the Day: Learning to Let Go

Do you remember what you were agonizing over a week ago? What was so important that you couldn’t get it out of your thoughts last month? That you spent every moment worrying about, thinking about. . .a year ago? Probably not. But, for most of us, that’s how we spend each day. Agonizing over every little thing, worrying about what is going to happen in the future. Thinking about it, and obsessing to the point where we miss the very time in which we exist. When it goes by, we look back and wonder:

“Where did all the time go?”

“When did our kids grow up?”

“When did we grow old?”

Did agonizing change anything? Did it make your life happier? Prepare you any better for the future? Or did you just feel immobilized and overwhelmed? Agonizing and worrying about things you cannot change doesn’t help.

Maybe it’s time……to let go.

We need to focus on the future to make plans, arrange things, organize, and prioritize. But, instead of obsessing and allowing each of those obsessions to overwhelm us to the point that we do not enjoy today. . . let it go. Think about today. Do what is necessary to plan and prepare for what’s coming, then enjoy the moment. Enjoy today. Move on to tomorrow, and enjoy that moment before it is gone as well.

In this way, you’ll make a rich and rewarding tapestry of memories and moments that will last a lifetime.

– Dr. Courtney

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