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How Pets Can Improve Overall Wellness

For those of us with pets, coming home to a wagging ball of fluff whose sole desire is to love us, can be a powerful way to de-stress at the end of a long day. It's estimated over 71 million households in America have pets. That's 62% of us. For most, they're a part of… Continue reading How Pets Can Improve Overall Wellness

Pets are like familly
Tip/Thought of the Day

My Special Furry Friends

I grew up with dogs. I couldn't imagine life without them. We had poodles when I was a little girl. My brothers had terrible allergies and couldn't tolerate exposure to any hair. Poodles are considered the best breed in this case- hence our toy, MohMoh. I think it was short for something, but exactly what… Continue reading My Special Furry Friends