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Witnessing History

In 1972, an incredible woman stood up and declared her candidacy for president. Then added she didn’t believe she would actually win. It wasn’t a joke. It was a statement of fact. Becoming the first Black American female President was never a real possibility at that time.  It was a purely symbolic gesture. Imagine taking… Continue reading Witnessing History

2020 general election information for Pima County, AZ
Tip/Thought of the Day

2020 General Election Voting Reminders and Resources

Voting is the foundation of any democratic society. The United States of America has always led the way in defining this most sacred and fundamental right,  ensuring that every vote is counted. Today, more than ever, with all the misinformation, postal delays and concerns over voting in person during a pandemic, it’s imperative to have… Continue reading 2020 General Election Voting Reminders and Resources