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We Will Not Go Back

As of August 25, 2022, a Texas “trigger law” went into effect. It gives a life sentence and $100,000 fine for anyone in Texas who performs an abortion. Thirteen states have this type of trigger law on their books- written specifically to go into effect when Roe v. Wade was officially rescinded.

A 23 year old Ohio woman with three babies who can’t afford a fourth had to cross into Indiana for an abortion. She has just days until Indiana joins the ranks of dozens of states like Ohio that will effectively ban all abortions when their new law goes into effect September 15, 2022.

In Arizona abortions are still legal until viability- when the fetus can survive outside the womb approximately 24-26 weeks – until September 24, 2022. Then abortions, for any reason other than for saving the health of the mother, will be outlawed after 15 weeks. It will be a felony for anyone who provides this service because of a law passed in March by the Arizona Legislature. The bill passed along party lines with all the Republicans believing they are entitled to decide the fate of every little girl and woman statewide.

Unless Blake masters who has stated,

“I think the federal government has a role to play here. I think that Congress should have a debate and, you know, pick a certain point and say, No, we’re gonna recognize, right here, federal personhood, and, you know, pass that. Absolutely no abortions,” 

Or Kari Lake, 

“Roe v Wade and the culture of abortion is over. A new chapter of life has begun. A chapter where we help women become the mothers they are meant to be. Thank you, God. “

In her Republican debate she unequivocally supported an Arizona Civil War era territorial abortion ban that effectively outlaws abortions and requires prison time for doctors that would go into effect if Roe V Wade was rescinded. She also believes life starts at conception and wants to make medically induced abortions illegal.

She added,

“We have a great law on the books, if it takes over as the state law we will not be taking the lives of our unborn. The culture we live in has brainwashed an entire generation into thinking this is a legitimate option to basically mutilate and cut up a baby inside the mother womb. It’s horrifying.”

win their elections in November.

 Both are pushing for a “person hood constitutional law”  that will give a fertilized egg the same rights as a live human being. Under this law even contraception will become illegal because it prevents the right of the egg to get fertilized.

They have since scrubbed their websites trying to backpedal but that does not change what they truly want to accomplish if elected.

Even sitting Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett has made clear she supports the belief that life begins at fertilization and wants to make in vitro fertilization murder.

A Florida court denied a petition for a 16 year old to abort her 10 week fetus when she stated she was not ready to raise a child because she was too young, did not have a job, and the father was unable to help. Orphaned, with no parent available to sign consent for the abortion, she was forced to ask the court’s permission. Due to Florida’s restrictive abortion laws her options run out at 15 weeks. The court decided to force her to have the baby stating their belief “she is not mature enough to have an abortion.“ But by this decision they judged she is mature enough to have and raise a baby.

States like Mississippi proudly admit they’ll force little girls to give birth to children that had been violently forced upon them. A death sentence at that age.

Virginia law passed in 1662 allowed white slave owners to brutally rape and ultimately breed slave women with no risk of paternal rights suits by the offspring when they mandated that all children would inherit the legal status of their mothers. Children of enslaved women would be born into slavery. This doctrine rapidly spread to all 13 colonies and secured the slaveholder’s right to profit from enlarging his labor pool by such despicable acts without putting their property at risk.

The 13th Amendment changed that:

“Neither slavery, nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for a crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Besides abolishing slavery the 13th Amendment stopped the horrifying practice of forced servitude resulting from impregnating unwilling mothers. Yet 6 Supreme Court judges with the stroke of their pen decided women are no longer allowed to protect or decide what happens to their bodies. As a result involuntary and forced births are now the law of the land in many states. Their only crime to defend such a servitude being they got pregnant in the first place.

Even the White House Emergency Presidential Order that require hospitals to provide all women emergency care, to save their lives, regardless of their state’s abortion laws are being attacked. In Texas, a judge refused to allow it to stand. In Ohio a judge agreed, but it will likely be decided in the Supreme Court which rescinded our reproductive rights already. 

Anti abortion laws in the 1970’s, before Roe V Wade was passed, were devastating. They led to the deaths of countless women who just wanted the right to decide when and if they carried a pregnancy to term. But now, due to purposely confusing laws, many women are being forced to carry pregnancies that will lead to infection or death for fear it will fall under the new restrictive abortion laws. Saving the mother’s life is no longer the priority when it’s an ectopic pregnancy – a conception in the fallopian tube is always deadly to the mother and never viable for the baby. Or a miscarriage that requires the unshed portion of fetal material be removed so infection won’t result.

We have hit a new low when a fetus that is clearly not viable is more important than the health and welfare of the mother. Or she is forced to carry for months, and then deliver, a dead fetus to satisfy the cruelty of those in power.

Criminalization and the penalty of jail has put healthcare workers in a horrifying situation. Do everything necessary to save a woman’s life and possibly risk jail time if some over zealous attorney general decides it wasn’t the “right time” to proceed? Or, as in a case from Louisiana, force the mother to birth a fetus incapable of surviving more than days outside the womb because it’s too deformed.

Was that the ultimate goal?

To stop all abortions regardless of options because the laws are so vague no one truly understands when it can be done legally?

Some states are tying to ban our Constitutionally protected right to travel freely between states. Threatening action not only to the mother but anyone who helps her cross into a state that will honor her rights.

Even contraception is at risk after Justice Thomas opened the door to rescinding that Constitutionally protected right when he defended rescinding Roe V Wade. Blake Masters and Kari Lake agree they shouldn’t be an option.

Many have argued protesting with a hangar saying, “never again” implies we haven’t moved past this as our only alternative. But if some of these extremists get into office, medically induced abortions and contraception will be next. 

Perspectives have changed in the last 50 years. Initially those opposed to abortions seemed to think women were pushed into getting an abortion with no real understanding of their actions and ultimate consequences. As though they were victims, manipulated by pro abortion providers and advocates.

Now it appears women are seen as the violators and aggressors to be stopped at all costs. Today they, their supporters, and the providers that aid them are vilified and attacked physically, financially and even threatened with incarceration.

It’s 2022. 

Is this really the world we want our daughters, children, granddaughters, mothers, wives, co-workers, and friends to live in? 

The majority of Americans believe abortions should be legal in all or most cases. It should be the right of the mother to choose. Not the courts. Not a bounty hunter. Not a politician.

We have a choice. 

We can stop this madness.

We can make it clear women are not valueless. 

They cannot force us to stay bare foot and pregnant.

We can all stand up and say with one voice- 

You will not win- in this country freedom, democracy and control over our own bodies will. 

I can only hope we all vote to protect the health, safety and welfare of women in November. Because if this falls, as we’ve already started to see, the dominoes won’t stop with reproductive rights. 









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