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It’s Not Over

As a physician, a woman, a mother, a daughter, and a friend I am saddened by the cruel reality we all face today. After nearly 50 years the protections we took for granted are now gone. We have been forced back to the dark ages by six people claiming to represent the country. Those six people decided for every female, and by extension every man and child as well, they no longer have the freedom to decide what’s best for them, their health and their future. 

Over 60% of the population support Roe v Wade.

Rape, incest and the health of the mother is no longer relevant. 

Texas Governor Abbott even went so far as to explain in a December 2021 statement that they’ll just stop rape, so abortions won’t be needed! He didn’t explain how he’d achieve this zero tolerance. And of course, he hasn’t.

Abortions won’t stop just because the laws have changed.

They didn’t 50 years ago when back alley, disreputable “providers” ofered their services or when all else failed, a coat hangar was used.

Abortions won’t stop.

Time has made that clear. If it’s not a legal option that provides a safe path, another way will be found, too often ending in tragedy. 

But it’s not over. 

Clarence Thomas stated the minute Roe v Wade was rescinded, everything else covered under the wording of the 14th amendment- “that guaranteed due process and equal protection of the laws for all citizens”- should be eradicated as well. 

This means the right for all citizens to obtain contraception, engage in private sexual acts, same sex and interracial marriages are at risk. According to Clarence Thomas they all “Were demonstrably erroneous decisions and should be reconsidered now that the federal right to abortion has been revoked.”

That horrifying and blatant statement took away all pretense of a fair and judicious court. He’s already made up his mind. He’s just waiting for the right case to be sent to the court.

This will impact every human being in this land.

Birth control was the biggest deciding factor in allowing women the freedom to pursue education, careers and the ability to escape violent relationships. 

Now it appears the goal is to keep us barefoot, pregnant, subordinated and home.

It’s impossible to believe that in the year 2022 we are speaking about such basic rights as governing when we will conceive, acts of love between two consenting adults and marriage partners.

Under his interpretation states should have the right to define who can love who in the privacy of their own bed, who can marry, and who can get contraception.

It’ll no longer be the United States of America, but the state you need to be sure not to cross into if you’re an interracial or gay couple illegally married within their borders, carrying birth control or seeking an abortion.

This is now our future.

Law, precedent, the will of the people aren’t important.

Only those nine with the most powerful pens in the nation.

But it’s not over. 

Just because you live in one of the states that still protects abortion. . .for now. . .doesn’t mean that Congress won’t make it illegal in all 50 states if they get enough legislators in office this November. With their few voices, the minority can wipe out the wishes of the majority and deem all abortions, anywhere in the United Stated illegal.

It’s time we took our power back.

There is only one way to do that.

Make sure those who win this fall represent your wishes, not their own agendas.




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