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We’ve all felt it.
We can’t live without it.

The belief and feeling of optimism that our lives will improve and the run of bad luck we’ve been experiencing will end. In the midst of heartache and suffering, it may be the only thing getting us through to tomorrow.

Hope, that tomorrow will bring a better day.

Hope, that tomorrow will bring the sun.

It helps us to rejoice. Gives us strength and renews our strength in times of need. Inspires us to great heights.

Hope gives us the belief we can overcome all odds and succeed regardless of the obstacles.

Hope always triumphs because it brings us calm, peace and often a better understanding of the circumstances.

Hope drains negativity and helps us to clearly see the path ahead and roadblocks in our way. Exposing options we may not have seen and improving the choices we make.

From hoping it won’t rain during an outdoor wedding, to hoping your team will win the playoffs, to hoping your healthcare provider doesn’t find anything serious, to hoping our family and friends remain healthy and safe, to hoping the pandemic is finally receding and life will return to normal.

Hope gets us through it all.

Hope gets us up in the morning and gives us a reason to look forward to tomorrow.

But it shouldn’t be the only thing that defines our future. It’s not an excuse to give up, stop participating, look for a magic wand or endlessly follow one rabbit hole after another. Hope enhances our efforts and offers new perspectives so our darkest moments don’t engulf us.

I see it every day in the determination and drive my patients show in the face of adversity. Choosing to stand and fight, believing they’ll be victorious is half the battle. Over three decades of providing healthcare has shown me that hope and belief has a significant impact on how well someone deals with treatment and the ultimate results. Even if they aren’t successful, the time remaining was filled with connection and love, not anger, frustration and despair.

We are all born with the ability to hope and dream. All seems possible and everything is filled with wonder and awe before we become jaded and changed by life experiences. Adulthood and all its trials and tribulations takes a toll. Some have a well spring to draw from, others are precariously low.

When we share a responsibility for each other, hope is multiplied. We are no longer alone in the storm left to own devices to survive. Now we have others to cling to for support and comfort.

The devil whispered in my ear,
“You’re not strong enough
To weather the storm.”
Today I whispered back,
“I am the storm.”


Together we act as a tether, a lifeline. When we feel hopeless their hope can often lift us up and carry us over the seemingly endless barrage of waves.

Hope gives us the courage to believe if not today, then tomorrow. If not for us, then for our children and their children. No matter the burden, hope can be the deciding factor in the outcome.

As the Dalia Lama said:

There are only two days in the year
where nothing can be done,
One is called yesterday,
and one is called tomorrow.
So today is the only day to live,
Love, believe, do, and mostly live.

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